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Hi John,

The 19th century newspaper site is a fascinating one and a great assett for
family history research. I've been lucky enough to find a fair bit of info
on my ancestor's ships, because I knew the ship names and appoximate dates
of sailing, making the search easier. I know the period 1841 - 1847
certainly is covered because my own Irish ancestors sailed from Liverpool to
Port Phillip in 1841, and I have several newspaper clippings announcing the
sailing of their ship, the "Lysander".

Most of the 19th century British, and Australian, newspapers had "Shipping
Intelligence" or "Emigration" or "Immigration" or "Shipping News" columns in
which they would announce the arrival or sailing date or other relevant news
of particular ships in the various ports.

When searching for a ship (and I'll use the Lysander here as an example), I
enter search terms such as, - "Lysander", "ship Lysander", "shipping
Lysander", "arrived Lysander", "sailed Lysander" and so on. In your case
where you are interested in a certain period you could go to the "Advanced
Search" option and use the term "Shipping Intelligence" and then choosing
"Between" you can select the appropriate years in which to confine your

Many of my ancestors were Scottish and I have found much information on
their ships in the "Caledonian Mercury", Liverpool Mercury, Glasgow Herald"
and also a newspaper from Aberdeen. However, most of the papers you find on
that website contain the same shipping news, so you should not have trouble
getting results from your search.

The main thing you need is lot's of patience, for it is a time consuming
exercise, and you need also to think laterally with your seach terms. I have
found several personal articles dealing with particular ancestors of mine
but they are rare, because a person would need to have done something (or
have something done to them) to draw them to the attention of a newspaper of
the day.

As another example, ...... I have an ancestor named David Borrie, who was a
head gardener of Torloisk estate on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, from 1820 to
1876. Because his name is somewhat unusual it was easier to conduct a search
for him in it's various spellings. Among the several items I found was a
wonderful article from the estate where he was employed. It was titled
"Rejoicings in the Isle of Mull" and was found in the "Glasgow Daily Herald,
Thursday, November 3, 1870, page 4". .... here is a fragment of it

" ........ Mr Clark had Mr Borry, the old and much-valued steward of the
Torloisk family, on his right, and Donald McLean, Esq. of Gomatra, another
of the Torloisk tenants on his left. Mr McLean gave as a toast "Lord and
Lady William", prefacing the same with a neat and appropriate speech.
Several other toasts were given, and in three hours afterwards all separated
for their respective homes - joyful,sober, and rejoicing. It is pleasing to
see so much kindly feeling subsisting betwixt Landlord and tenant, doubly
pleasant to see that tenants can enjoy themselves in harmless festivity,
without, in the slightest, indulging in inebriety."

I know I am deviating from your question with all this but I have included
it to show what can be found with a bit of patience and dilligence.

I hope this answers your question, and good luck with your search.

Barry Howard,
Victoria, Australia.

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> Barry,
> How does one find the best sites to search 19th cent. English newspapers
> with shipping details to Aust. colonies? I noticed recently Lynn also
> quoted info from a London paper. Where are those found? In first instance
> I'm interested in 1841 - 47 hoping to break a "brickwall". Is that period
> on-line?
> John
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> From: "B.Howard" <>
>> I now have access to 19th century British newspapers and may be able to
>> find info there, on your ship EMMA. Could you give me the Emma's date of
>> arrival in Australia, again please?, and I will have a look.
>> Barry Howard,
>> Victoria, Australia.
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