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From: Philippa Scarlett <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-KOORI] Warangesda - John Bamblett
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 23:57:55 +1100
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Hi Jon

The Bambletts were an important Warangesda family and there are many
descendants in NSW and Victoria - and elsewhere. I know some have
compiled a family history - perhaps you have this but from memory
it does not go into the detail you are looking for - Camp of Mercy
also does not have the detail you seek - - there is more
comprehensive information about the Bambletts in Riverina Aboriginals
by the same authors - Don and Beverley Elphick . This gives Bamblett
births deaths and marriages at more locations than Warangesda - and
shows that a number of the children of Jack and Mary were born at
Warangesda - These children then married mainly to Wiradjuri people
but for them to be born and their parents to have been able to live
at Warangesda Jack must have been Aboriginal. Peter Read's 100
Years War has some information about the Bambletts - describes Jack
Bamblett vaguely as from Queensland but it also does not have
information to help you.I don't know of any other relevant books .The
Warangesda mangers diary is not informative about Jack Bamblett .I
can check with Bamblett descendants that I am in touch with to see if
they can help but you may already have access to their information.

Mary Bambletts parent were named John Cameron and Effie Mclean on her
death certificate ( information from Rivrerina Aboriginals) - both
good Scottish names presumably this certificate would have her
country of birth at least and a guess at how many years she had been
in Australia. I have always heard she was a Scottish nurse.

There were and are Aboriginal Freemans in the Tumut area - and
Brungle Aboriginal Station which has links with Warangesdav
but Susan /Sarah Freeman's death at Stroud suggests she would not
be connected to this family,

Can you tell me how you found Jack's brother Daniel?


At 08:54 PM 7/01/2008, you wrote:
>I am currently researching a family that resided at the Warangesda
>Aboriginal Station.
>I have a fair bit of information, but I am just wondering if you could
>help fill in the gaps a little.
>What I have is;
>A) John "Jack" BAMBLETT (b - ~1838 in Raymond Terrance) (d-4/3/1911 in
> Father - John BAMBLETT - Convict from Surrey. (b - 1805 in
> Surrey UK)
>(d-4/4/1859 in Clarencetown)
> Mother - Susan (Sarah) FREEMAN?? - Maybe Aboriginal. (died 1891 -
>Waterhole Ridge in Stroud)
>- I have located records describing Jack as "a Koori Aboriginal from
>B) Mary Josephine CAMERON (b - 1841 from Scotland) (d - 14/8/1926 in
>- I have located records describing Mary as "a gaelic speaking
>Scottish Nurse"
>Jack and Mary married on 24th Nov 1862 in Kilmore, Victoria.
> They had a number of children who have spread out and settled in the
>- What I am searching for is not the children of this couple (I have
>these details), but more exact details of what Jack and Mary were
>doing at the Station and a confirmation of Jack's indigenous ancestry.
>I know that if Jack's father was a convict from Surrey, so it would
>tend to show that his mother Susan was aboriginal.
> I know there are a number of books on the subject, but I just dont
>have access to them. "Camp of Mercy; Warangesda Mission Station" is
>said to be the best one. I can not confirm if Susans last name is
>really FREEMAN, but she would be from Newcastle area.
>Now I cant find Jacks birth or his brother Daniel anywhere. I am
>making the assumption that they would not be registered back in those
>Any help to point me in the right direction would be fantastic.
>I hope you can help.
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