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Subject: Re: [AUS-KOORI] Names of Aboriginal World War One soldiers
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 11:26:51 +1000
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Thank you Philippa
There is also
available to listers to view

Cathy Dunn

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Subject: [AUS-KOORI] Names of Aboriginal World War One soldiers

I have at last completed the first stage of my list of Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander men who volunteered to fight in World War One in the
Australian Imperial Force or AIF - and I am grateful for the help given to
me by people on the AUS KOORI List.

My list contains the names of more than 800 men and every listing includes a
reference.This is to ensure that each man named is actually Indigenous.
Earlier listings for a variety of reasons have often included the names of
non Indigenous men. A reference in many cases can also help people to find
out more about the serviceman they are interested in. Important too is that
a publicly available and referenced list enables service and sacrifice to be

The list is available at AIATSIS (copies to the Library and Family History
Unit), the War Memorial (copies to Gary Oakley and Garth O'Connell), DVA
(copy to Bob Noble) and major libraries. I have also provided a copy to the
National Archives.

I'd be happy to check any names for AUS KOORI listers and also to receive
information about WW1 Indigenous soldiers I may not have identified. I am
ready to make alterations if necessary if any of my references prove not to
be relevant.

My list is of volunteers and so includes men who volunteered and were
rejected, in many cases because of their Aboriginality. The important thing
is that they were prepared to fight and die for their country and this
should be acknowledged.

One of the reasons for compiling the list is that WW1 service records (even
of those rejected) can be a very valuable source of family information
because of the personal details the servicemen filled in when applying to
join the AIF. These and the letters from the serviceman and sometimes his
relatives, which are often found with a service record can be of enormous
value for those looking for information about their family. The service
records can be seen on the internet at the National Archives site The best way to search for a WW1 serviceman is to go to the
NAA RecordSearch login form and search as Guest using relevant key words -
eg person's name and place and the WW1 AIF series numbers B2455 and
MT1486/1. If you refer to state you should use the abbreviations NSW, Tas,
Vic etc for best results. You can also search the WW2 series
B883 and B884 as in some cases a WW1 record has been amalgamated with the
record of a man who served in both wars - quite a few did.

I hope this will be of use to anyone interested in the service background of
their family - and their family history.

Philippa Scarlett

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