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Subject: Re: Company Quarter Master Sergeant Responsibilities
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 07:41:54 +1000
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A Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) is normally the rank of Staff
Sergeant (occasionally Sergeant on higher duties or in an acting position).
(In WW2 there was a rank of Warrant Officer Class 3 which in some cases was
used to fill this post)

He is responsible for ALL the supplies that come into the Company. Uniforms,
boots, ammunition, weapons, blankets, water, food (in some circumstances
food is handled by the Warrant Officer Caterer). He has a small staff.

It is his responsibility to ensure that all of the equipment that the
Company needs is in store and in good order. It is a job of high

He answers to the Regimental Quarter Master (RQ) (usually a Major) and the
Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) (usually a Warrant Officer Class 1,
sometimes Class 2) as well as his own Company Commander (usually a Major)
and the Adjutant (usually a Captain).

It is not normally his job to go out at night on ammunition delivery runs
but in the situations that war throws up many people have to do things that
are not specifically in their job description. The rule is "get the job
done". If the boys up front need ammo bloody well get some up there. Don't
ask who's job is this? get it there.

During the Pacific war section of WW2 extra difficulties were put in the way
of CQMSs because battalions often did not work as cohesive units in the way
they did in WW1 and in North African part of WW2. Jungle fighting is a small
unit type of war which bought a whole new set of circumstances and problems
that we had never faced before.

Fortunately we learned the new tricks in WW2 in PNG and Bougainville. This
allowed us to be effective in Malaya and Vietnam using the same basic
techniques, including those of supplying the troops with water, food, ammo
and the other necessities.

Ted Harris
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Subject: Company Quarter Master Sergeant Responsibilities

> I would like to know what the "job description" for this position would
> have entailed during WW2. I have been told that it would have included
> replenishing ammunition supplies at night. Any other thoughts?
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