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From: Mark Lambert <>
Subject: The Ship "Ellenborough"
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 12:23:04 +1000

Some time ago someone was enquiring about the ship "Ellenborough" and I
thought the following might be of interest to them and others with a
connection to the ship. It is part of an article by Norm Barney in his
Times Past series, which appeared in the Newcastle Herald on Saturday,
Feb 13. of this year. It reads (in part):

"....On November 1, 1854, William Hislop (the manager of the Bank of
Australasia in Newcastle, wrote to his London headquarters that:....
"The 'Ellenborough' arrived last night with 69 Government immigrants for
the Hunter River Railway Company to commence the line from Newcastle to
Maitland". The 'Ellenborough' was one of five ships which brought
unskilled workers direct from England to Newcastle to work on the
railway line. Many of them deserted to the goldfields as soon as they
arrived, leading the company to offer between 15 and 25 shillings a day
to those who stayed, a princely sum for the period, but a wage dictated
by the shortage of labour."

I found this of particular interest as it explains how my ancestor (a
labourer) was able to afford to bring two of his relatives out to New
South Wales within a year or two of his own arrival, and also helps to
explain this particular branch of my family's connection with the

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