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From: "Cheryl Susan Goh" <>
Subject: Re: Simsville and the Jarrah Mill
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:32:30 +1100

Hello Judy
Thanks for that its great.
My G. Grandfather was Walter Henry Sims and I have had a real problem
tracking him down. The children's birth certificates state Queensland as
his place of origan, some go as far saying Roma. However I have not traced
him there. I first find proof of him in the Windsor Richmond area (my G
Grandmother's home). They moved to the Kiama area about 1890 and had
several more children. After GGmother died 1908 he has moved to Laurieton,
on the census however I can only find one daughter, they youngest. She is
mentioned in the Sands as having a boarding house but vanishes after he
marriage at Wingham to James W Burns.
When Walter died James was the informant and he stated Walter was born in
England and his father was a missionary. I've thoroughly checked the
English it does not seem right and I've found many other problems when
double checking details. James did not name the parent neither only the
missionary bit. Walter would have been born C.1855 and I wondered and have
not been able to find out why he move north at that time in his life, I now
wonder if there may be a family tie there.
So if there are any people on the list with a connection to the Sims family
or know anything about the Rev. Simm or William Sims I would love a reply.
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From: Judy Dumbrell <>
Date: Thursday, 13 January 2000 4:45
Subject: Simsville and the Jarrah Mill

>Oops sorry, forgot to say who it was named after. It was named in
>1912 when the post office asked Millars' (the company who bought the
>land for the sawmill) for a name for the post office.
>There are two schools of thought apparently, one was that it was
>named after the Reverend Samuel Simm who ministered in Stroud during
>the 1850's and 1860's and the other is that it was named after the
>Construction Manager for Millars', William Pitt Sims, the man who
>built the sawmill, tramways and village.
>The name was also given to a hill out in the Purgatory Scrub - Mount
>Sims - which can still be found on old maps apparently.

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