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Subject: Re: [AUS-NSW-PENRITH] Cochrane
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 00:12:53 +1100
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Hello again Annie in France,

Further to my previous replies to you concerning the above subject line and
my promised lookups for you .........

After a recent visit to the State Library, I am now able to tell you that
Robert Cochrane aged 24 and his wife Frances aged 22 arrived on 4th April
1849 on the ship "Digby". The Native Place of both was Ballyborough Co.
Cavan. Both could Read and Write. The religion of both was Church of
England. He was a Farm Labourer and she a Nurse. Robert's parents were James
and Mary, mother living (in Ballyborough). Frances' parents were stated to
be Edward and Mary Patty, living in Ballyborough.

He had no relations in the Colony. She had 2 sisters and 1 brother at
Macquarie Plains. I suggest you search for their arrival at the State
Records online site - in the database for Assisted Passengers ..... but ....
*** see below about spelling of Patty surname.

Like a lot of the passengers on this ship, they complained about the food
supplied on the voyage here. In the Complaints column there was an entry for
them something to the effect of 'Bad Rations, mouldy bread, bad beef' (my
summary). In the column headed "State of Bodily Health and Probable
Usefulness" - both were assessed as 'Good'.

In one of my replies to your initial posting, I suggested the possibility of
two single females on the same ship, with the same surname of Cochrane, as
possibly being his sisters. Thankfully I suggested that a lookup of the film
would be required to confirm or disprove this! It is obvious that they were
NOT his sisters. They were both from Castlereagh Roscommon, both could read
but not write, both were Roman Catholic, both were House Servants. The
parents of Bridget (aged 15) were Thomas and Mary (both dead) and 14 year
old Jane's parents were Michael and Jane (both dead). So even they were not
sisters to each other, as one would have suspected ! Shows how one must
always check the records and NOT ASSUME !

Now to the promised baptism lookups....

James Edward Cochrane was born 16th October 1849 and baptised 25th November
1849 by Alfred H Stephens (.. into the spine of the book, so it MAY have
been Stephenson) - Parish of Mulgoa, County of Cumberland. Father was
Robert, mother was Fanny. Father's 'Profession or Calling' was Labourer and
their usual place of abode was Mulgoa. Mulgoa is near Penrith, so you made
your posting to the correct Mail List :) The Nepean that you mentioned is
the name of the river.

John Cochrane was born 8th April 1854 and bapt 25th July 1854 by KD Smythe -
Presbyterian, District of Bathurst.
Father = Robert Cochrane, mother = Fanny Pattie *** (compare with Patty
spelling above)
Usual abode = O'Connell Plains. Father's occ = Farmer.

Concerning the other child born before the commencement of Civil
Registration in NSW - this was a Robert whose baptism was recorded 1852. I
am sorry but I ran out of time to do this lookup. However I will keep it in
mind next time that I am at a Library that has these reels of films for the
Early Church Records.

Best wishes, Jeannine (in Camden, NSW - about a 30 minute drive from Mulgoa
and Penrith)


> looking for Cochran/e family from Nepean.
> All I have so far is James Cochrane born Nepean about 1850. He married in
> Tamworth to Hannah Pittman, they moved to Gunnedah. One of his son's
> Near walgett, NSW.
> I would like to know James Parents. I believe Nepean is near Penrith.
> Thank you > Annie in France

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