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From: Vivienne Caldwell <>
Subject: Frank McCaffrey #3
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:21:11 +1100

Francis McCaffrey Collection
University of Wollongong Archives D92

The information reproduced here is for personal research only and must
not be copied or published in any form. The notebooks are the property
of the University of Wollongong.

Spelling and grammar are as found in the original handwriting. Question
marks indicate that the word was not clear - if you recognise any such
words please email me.

Page 12

Michael Hyam was born in London in 1799 and arrived in Sydney late in
the twenties of last century with a capital of œ2000. He obtained a
grant of 640 acres of land at Lochinvar - Hunter River - and later on
(1829) obtained a grant of 1280 acres of land - Sarah's Valley - now
Jamberoo. He got married in Sydney and settled on his Sarah's Valley
Estate in 1833. Having obtained a number of Convict servants from the
Government of N.S.Wales he turned his attention towards the bush -
Employed Sawyers and Tanners, Shoemakers and Cobblers. Opened a public
house and store. As time rolled on he sold out for œ1000 to Captain
Wilson. Wilson went broke and had to forfeit his deposit money to
Hyam. Hyam had taken his passage to England - and had to forfeit his
deposit to the shipping company. The vessel Hyam and his family were
going home on was wrecked and all hands lost. Hyam then morgaged [sic]
to Parson Meares - for œ600. The races of F??? Jamberoo were held on
Hyam's flat in 1844. Meares was nasty with Hyam over these races -
Consequently in 1845 Hyam sold out to Robert Owen for œ1100. Hyam went
to live in Kiama - in a storied house opposite the R.C. Church, near the
beach, and remained there till 1847.

Page 13

During Mr Hyam's stay in Kiama he paid a deposit on a store and hotel at
Gundagai.. He was advised off it. He forfeited his deposit and went
to live at Greenhills - Terrara - Shoalhaven. The hotel and store which
Hyam was buying at Gundagai was eventually swept away in the Great
Gundagai flood and all hands drowned. Mr Hyam opened an hotel and Store
at Terrara - and went in for timber dealing. He was a sportsman, and
always had race-horses. Corinthian Kate, Jerry and Jamberoo all carried
his colours. He made sporting matches against William Wright's Pedro,
Brown's Grey, Kennedy's Grey and McKenzie's Duke. Young Burke usually
rode Hyam's horses. David Hyam was born at Sarah's Valley in 1835 - and
was educated for a time at Rigney's school. He, Rigney was a brother of
Fr Rigney and kept school near or on the South West side of the police
station Jamberoo. David afterwards went to old Splaine's School near
where the Presbyterian church stands - near the turn off towards Albion
Park. In 1844 the Race Meeting of famed Jamberoo took place on the flat
below the hotel. The Estate was morgaged to Parson Meares who was very
anxious to get possession of it.

Page 14

Michael got annoyed with Meares and morgaged to Robert Owen. The story
of the servants at Hyam's Estate. Little Ann married big George. And
big Mary married Sirucon?? Moore. Dr Menzies was living up at what is
now Fountaindale Creek. It was he who warned Michael Hyam about the
dangers of Gundagai. Hyam then took an hotel and store at the
Greenhills - now Nowra from William Graham (terrible Billy). The place
was all bush for miles around. Where the hotel stood was felled and
partly burnt off. A policeman named Tanner was stationed at Worrigee
and Owen Hewit was working a flour mill for Berry & Wollstonecraft. The
mill was being worked with horses and a blacksmith named Russell was
looking after the machinery. The ship Surace?? Captain Mat Pullman in
charge B&W had 100 acres of wheat seed imported from America - wheat,
maize, potatoes, barley - all harvested with ?? ?? ??. Saw the first
strippers at work. They were brought from America same time as the
seed wheat.

Page 15

The Messrs Berry Bros imported a pure bred bloodhorse 'Scamp' for stud
purposes. John Berry died - was killed 1849. The Jindyandy cattle were
mostly black & white & roan cattle. Paddy Rider was in charge of the
dairy cattle and kept a race mare named 'Evergreen'. In those days men
were not particular how they married. Jimmy Sinclair married a
half-caste woman - got by Paddy Rider. The noted blacks were mangy &
Biddy - Captain Brooks was a cannibal. ??ethery was considered very
dangerous. Black Harry and Jacky Jacky were Burrier blacks. Burrier
Jack, Johnny Winfred was King of Shoalhaven - and Aboriginal.
Floods. There were great floods in 1860 & 1862 at Burrier - the
majority of all the farm houses were swept away - and all the crops in
1860. Many lives were lost. At upper Longreach McKenzie's and
Lumoden's barns Hyam (David) lost all his property - 40 acres crop -
house, stockyards, barn & cattle - swept everything was in the boil -
got compensation from Government 40 acres at Cambewarra. David Hyam's
place was Bamerang. William Wooden lost everything.

Vivienne Caldwell

Wollongong NSW

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