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From: Valerie Aitchison <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 18:25:12 +1300

> Can anyone help me please. We are coming to Sydney and Brisbane for a
> squaredancing convention in June, our first time to Australia, and I
> would love to make contact with our family tree which has branches in
> the Sydney/New South Wales area. I have valuable family photos to show
> them plus the tree which I have done.
> I'll tell you all a bit of the background, as its quite romantic in
> parts. My great grandmother was Catherine McMillan, born in Ayrshire,
> Scotland. In 1855 she eloped with John Clare (the parents' Irish
> stablehand) to Tasmania, where they married in 1856, at the age of 17
> and 19. Their daughters were born in Tasmania, Christina Eliza and
> Sarah Margaret CLAIR, in 1856 and 1858. In 1862 they moved to NZ having
> 7 more children, Catherine then left John and ran off with my great
> grandfather to whom she had another six children, 14 in total.
> When my grandmother, the youngest of the 14, was only four she ran off
> again and died as a pauper at the age of 52. The two two oldest girls
> born in Tas, returned to Sydney in their late teens and were never heard
> of again despite a family member searching for them in 1910 in Sydney.
> After searching for six years with no luck, I finally found Sarah
> marrying a Charles James Burton in 1878 in Sydney. Thanks to two
> marvellous people on this list, Carol and Joy (who does searches), in
> the last 10 days I have found Sarah's death cert in 1899, her two sons
> (she lost 8 children), their marriages, their 8 children, and now
> yesterday, through Carol making very clever deductions, have also traced
> Sarah's sister Christina.
> What I need now is to make contact with the descendents of Sarah's two
> sons, Stanley C BURTON, b1880 (mStella McDonald 1905 - children Gladys
> b1906
> m Albert W L SPOONER 1924; Gwen b1913; Msy P, b1911 m William C MAXWELL
> 1934) and Sydney C BURTON, b1882 (m Minnie Hill 1910 - children Allan J
> b 1918, Alma D b1911 m Tom W Parker 1930, m2 Frederick Andrews 1934,
> Arnold C b1914 m Elizabeth Levi 1940 and Minnie C b1916 m George
> SHEPHARD 1937.
> Sarah was known as Minnie Burton, sister Christina was known as Eliza.
> Eliza married James BAIKIE in 1885 later married a CLAYTON, died 1913

Her children, daughters married men with the surnames of Harrison and

> Any help ie. electoral rolls or children's births of these couples would
> be very much appreciated as some of these couples or their children
> could well be still alive.
> Valerie
> New Zealand

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