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From: "Annette Piper" <>
Subject: Western Post June 1861 - list of advertisers 1 June 1861
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:39:23 +1000

From Western Post & Mudgee Newspaper 1 June 1861:


p. 1

Bank of NSW, Mudgee, established 1817. Mudgee Branch Directors - George ROUSE, Esq., George H COX, Esq. H. OLIVER, Manager.

Australian Joint Stock Bank, J F SKINNER, Manager

Hughson's Commercial and Family Hotel, Corner Market and Lewis Streets, Mudgee - booking office for Royal Mail Daily Coaches and the Cheap Passenger Coach. - Rich. R HUGHSON.

SMITH's Mudgee and Sydney Express Van to Sydney.

READFORD's Four Horse Coach "The Native" to Sydney return.

Mudgee Drug Store, Lewis Street, Mudgee - S H BARNES

R. CROSSING, Purchaser of fat cattle, hides, skins, &c., and all kinds of Colonial Produce. Settler's General Store, Mortimer Street, near the Mudgee Brewery.

William BARNETT, Wholesale Grocer, Merchant and Importer, Cnr, King and York Streets, Sydney.

DICKSON & BURROWS, notice of arrival of season goods (blankets,f lannels, ladies mantles, jackets, ready-made millinery, 'seasonable slops'. Also notice of their West End Branch.

ROWELL & KELLETT, Old Flagstaff Stores, Market and Court Streets, Mudgee - notice of new winter drapers and clothing.

WILSON & PITT, 599 Brickfield-hill, Sydney - Parrafine & Kerosine Oil and Lamps.

FERRIS and Son, Pitt-Street - seed wheat

DURHAM & IRWIN, Auctioneers and Brokers, Circular Quay, Sydney

O B EBSWORTH, Auctioneer and Wool Broker, Circular Quay, Sydney

Guntawang Agency - agent for Western Post and Mudgee Newspaper - Mr GOLDSMITH.

A WILLMOTT, Union Stores, Market Square, Mudgee. Notice of reopening of Stores - winter goods, drapery, grocery, ironmongery.

Mudgee Steam Mills, Henry DARE - flour, bran, pollard, chaff.

Mudgee Steam Flour & Saw Mills, Thomas CHAPPELL - flour, pollard, bran, grinding, dressing and smutting.

E DALY, Market-street - prime beef, mutton and salt beef

J UNCLES, Market Street, Mudgee, opposite Mr. HILL's bakery - timber for sale.

Arthur WILLMOTT, Union Stores - Lucerne seed

John SAUNDERS, Burrundulla - 20-30 tons oaten and Lucerne hay, also pumpkins.

P FARRELLY, North Shore Ferry, Windmill-street, Sydney - Guano for sale.

Henry DARE, Mudgee Steam Mills - seed wheat and prime oaten hay for sale.

William LESTER, Market-street West, Mudgee - sale of drugs and chemicals, notice of business opened May 6th in premises above Mr J KNOX's, Saddler.

W. J. Killick PIDDINGTON, Honorary Secretary, British and Foreign Bible Society - Mudgee Branch Depot at Mr J UNCLE's Market-street.

Henry COHEN and Co., 245 George Street, Sydney - clothing hall

Mr L O D JAMES, solicitor - removal of offices to Lamont's, corner of Market and Perry streets.

Sydney Opthalmic Institution - 226 Macquarie-street, Sydney - Sir John YOUNG, Baronet (patron); Sir A STEPHEN (president); Dr. BERNCASTLE (surgeon).

James DALE, Orange and Wellington - importer, saddle and harness manufacturer.

p. 2 - editorial and reports only.

p. 3

Mr O BE EBSWORTH's Produce Report - wool, sheepskins, tallow, hides.

DURHAM and IRWIN's Produce Report - wool, sheepskins, tallow, hides, oats, wethers.

Advertisement by Henry TEBBUTT re: F B GULLEY, former partner in business.

Western Post and Mudgee Newspaper, Market square, Mudgee - general printing office.

Mr MARLAY's lecture available in pamphlet form from Mr HASKEW at Mechanic's Institute.

London International Exhibition 1862, New South Wales Branch, requesting articles for submission, Sedgewick s COWPER, Secretary.

Department of Public Works, Electric Telegraph Branch - Electric Telegraph Station at Mudgee open for transmission of messages to various points and notice of Telegraphic Money Order Branch, E C CRACKNELL, Superintendent.

J King LETHBRIDGE, Dunhevid, Penrith - stock agistment available.

Ladies Committee of The Church of England Bazaar to meet at Mr. LAMONT's store.

Mudgee Union Investment and Building Society - sale of four shares by order of the Board of Directors, Edward CLARKE, Honorary Secretary.

Ploughing Challenge - "Peter ROBERTS is open to Plough E BAGNELL for £20, any time he can find it convenient".

W HAZELTINE, Blacksmith and Horse Shoer, Mr. SIMPSON's Shop, Market Square, next to Carriers' Arms.

"Empire" Newspaper - agent for Mudgee, R B HASKEW, Mechanic's Institute.

Mr A EVERETT, New Gaol, Mudgee - wanted Carpenters.

Hughson's Hotel - wanted, groom and waiter.

Mudgee Emporium/ Apple Tree Flat Inn - wanted strong woman to wash and cook.

Mrs CUTTING, Lewis-street - wanted, a good general servant.

ASHDOWN and Co, Ironmongery Establishment, Cnr George and King Street, Sydney.

G S LEATHES & Co. Notice of removal to No. 1 Wynard Street, Sydney.

Association for the Suppression of Cattle-stealing, W J BRACKENBURY, Secretary, 227 George-street, Sydney.

George WALKER, Auctioneer, sale by auction of bank furniture &c. at Windeyer.

p. 4

Municipality of Cudgegong, call for tenders for draining Maitland Road, 152 rods and repair of Lawson's Creek Bridge; repair of Crossing at Redbank Creek. E. BAYLY, Council Clerk, Mudgee.

Thomas NEW, Market Street - cheap beef.

John BARRY, Auctioneer - flour for sale by bag or ton.

George WALKER, Stock and Station Agent, Short-street, Mudgee - 1000 maiden ewes for sale

William W LOWE, Eurunderee, young bulls for sale.

Charles E S MACDONALD, Wine Merchant and General Commission Agent, 19 Jamison-street, Sydney - highest prices obtained for fat and store stock, advances made on stations, supplies of all kinds on hand.

L O D JAMES, Esq., solicitor, Mudgee - Farm to let, 59 acres with house, stockyard and hut.

E G ROSE, saddler, Market-street. £1 Reward for horse strayed from Mr G WALKER's paddock, £2 if stolen on conviction of thief.

John C TINDALL, £2 reward for horse strayed from Mudgee.

A L LEWES, £1 reward for horse strayed from Mudgee.

Thomas HENSLEY, £2 reward for horses strayed from Talbragar, or £10 reward if stolen on conviction.

F BUCHOLTZ, Putta Bucca, £2 reward for return of stolen tools.

Samuel BLACKMAN, £2 reward for return of horse lost at Cooyal.

George WALKER, Short-street, Mudgee, £1 reward for return of strayed or stolen horse.

John HEALY - notice of written authority required to purchase fat stock in his name.

William WILTON - notice to parties indebted to only pay monies to him.

Charles SIDEY, Superintendant - notice of prosecution of trespassers on Yoolundoy or Coonamble Runs.

Joseph HAYWOOD - notice of caution not to credit son John Lacy Sullivan HAYWOOD of Wellington.

Charles LEE - notice of new proprietor of Oakfield Farm.

Messrs DICKSON and BURROWS - copies of Western Post available at West-End Branch, Market-lane.

R M BUSBY - appeal for widow of constable KNIGHT of Cassilis.

Arundell EVERETT, Royal Hotel, Mudgee - wanted 15,000 best shingles; one mile post and rail fence put up.

L C CHEETHAM, Bonegeabong, District of Bligh - wanted, confident horse trainer.

Mrs SMITH, Carriers' Arms, Market-Square - wanted, general servant.

Church of England Bazaar - call for contributions.

Mr BROMLEY, Burrundulla - copies of Western Post available.

Mr J SIMPSON, Howick-street, Bathurst - agent for Western Post and Mudgee Newspaper.

Western Post Newspaper Office - stationery for sale.

Agent for Australian Home Companion, family magazine, HASKEW.

Agent for "Bell's Life", Rich. W HEARD.

Department of Public Works - call for tenders contractors for new line over Cherry Tree Hill on Mudgee Road.

G WARBURTON, Police Magistrate, notice of action of leases of crown lands within the settled districts.

Crown Lands Sale - Rylstone, country and town lots.

ROW's embrocation or Farmer's Friend, J & E ROW, Bank Court, Sydney.

Alfred BURT, 129 York Street, Sydney, sole agent for NSW of Thorley's Food for Cattle. Local agents wanted.

PARKER and BATES, proprietors, Kidderminsters Carpet and Floorcloth Warehouse, cnr. Market and Pitt Streets.

CROSS and BLACKWELL, Oilmen and Merchants, London - Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.

Mr W RUSSELL, Keen's Swamp - agent for Western Post and Mudgee Newspaper.

George WALKER, Auctioneer and General Agent - Mudgee produce circular, Mudgee leather circular.

T F DOYLE, Labour Agent, Mudgee Hotel - Mudgee Labour Market rates.

Annette Piper
Please note: Every effort has been to transcribe the above information correctly, however errors may have inadvertently been made. Spelling of surnames/places as appears in original.

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