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Subject: Re: [AUS-NSW] Name Change Records - Henry BANISTER PEARCE
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 12:05:41 -0000
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Yes that Ancestry record is mine (not my tree(private) but other family
copied the record into their trees). Thing is the birth detail that I
entered has no citation , it is from "family" info. There are a couple of
records in Yass for 1855 but the surnames look unlikely . Without getting
certificates (£££) won't know. The death(as Banister) and marriage(as
PEARCE) are "true" and certificates exist. Death has no parents. It is said
that he did use "legal" to change his name.

He always "stated" born 1855 YASS and Surname that he found to his surprise
registered as PEARCE as he always thought that he was BANISTER. I am
starting to doubt that he was registered as Henry at this point.

Mather: Sarah BANNISTER (but was actually married in NORFOLK to a John
BROWN(cant find him after arr.). Already had a daughter Lucy and another son
James Bannister Brown(can't find him after arr.) all arrived together
October 1852.

The father of HENRY is "said" to be John PEARCE a shopkeeper in YASS.

I have tried variations on the theme (BROWN/BANNISTER etc) but no luck.
Maybe it is a cryptic puzzle someone might see the clues. Sarah went on to
Goulburn and had 4 children to Thomas BELL and then married in 1865(record
exists) to Charles LEE in Goulburn. Lucy married Jean BETTINI (Moruya)
1866.Thought I would add that as the names may click with somebody.

(Marg - what is the points scheme in OZ. I have been living in UK for a
while - Is it all about ID theft?)

I tried using the NSW gov. family history site and there is a link to Name
change but when you click it says it can't find the page!!! I will try
emailing - not sure who though yet.

Thanks everyone


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