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HI Tom

No Tom, they had to report to a central local place for the Musters, much
like our elections these days.

Here is a typical order placed in the Sydney Gazette regarding Musters. This
one was placed in the Gazette on December 11 1803.

The Prisoners at public labour and victualled by the Crown, will be careful
to attend Muster at the places they are stationed at 7 O'clock on Tuesday
morning the 27th instant, when the musters will be taken as follows:

Sydney and its districts; at Government House
Parramatta and its districts: at the Court House
Castle Hill; at the Superintendents
Hawkesbury: at the Green Hills.

Officers having Stockmen or domestic servants victualled from the stores, to
send lists to the Governor's Secretary on or before Saturday the 24th

To prisoners allotted to individuals and those who are indulged with
permission to get their own livelihood are to attend Muster, and get their
last years certificates cancelled and renewed, at 7 O'clock on Wednesday
morning, the 28th instant, at the above places, where they receptively live;
Those neglecting to appear will be put to public labour in the gaol gang.

Officers etc having stockmen or domestic servants of the above description,
to send their names to the Governor's Secretary as above.

Free people of all descriptions, excepting the Civil, Military and Settlers
to attend Musters at the respective places on Thursday the 19th instant at 7
O'clock in the morning.

All women and children excepting officer wives and children, to attend at
the respective places on Friday the 30th instant.

Owners of vessels and docked boats to give a list of the people in their
employ (present or absent) to the Secretary's Office, on or before Saturday,
the 24th instant.

Lesley Uebel


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G'day Lesley,

Would you, or a Lister know if the Census/Muster details were collected by
the constables in different areas, and would that explain why I can't find
mention of one particular bloke who was a constable at the time?



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