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I have put this up a few times before - but others may be interested.

Convicts landed from "Mangles" assigned to at Windsor (Reel 6009; 4/3506

* 2 "MANGLES". Convict transport
1822 Nov 12
Re her landing, distribution and assignment of convicts on board; including
list of 117 male convicts forwarded to Parramatta, Liverpool, Bringelly,
Airds, Upper Minto, Windsor, Evan & Bathurst for distribution (Reel 6009;
4/3506 pp.429-35)

Parramatta: For General Distribution
Michael Fox, John Griffin, Matthew Kenny, Thomas Mullaghan, Daniel
Doody, Charles Young, Dennis Murphy, Michael Connor,
John Purtell, Michael McMahon, John Burke, Robert Cussan, William Dunworth,
James Mc Donough, John Doolan, Patrick McCormack. John Molloy, Thomas
Shanihan, William Ryan, John Eaton

Airds: For General Distribution
Timothy, Quin, Patrick Mahony, Maurice Walsh, John leary, Daniel Sullivan,
Michael Curtin, James Leahy, Lawrence Ryan, William Hoolahan, William Fox,
Michael Neil or Summers, Patrick Hayes, Daniel Doran

Windsor: For General Distribution:
Philip Purcell, Dennis McCormack, Andrew Hillery, Michael Spearin, John
Foley, John Whitaker, James Sheehan, Jeremiah Hurley, Patrick Reen, John
O'Connell, John Monaghan, John Donovan, Richard Griggin, John Sullivan,
Patrick Leonard, Cornelius Leary, Michael Roache, William Stanton, John
Bohan, Dennis Toomy, James Goggin, David Donovan, John Ryan, Thomas
Heffernan, Thomas Cahill, William O'Neill, John Sullivan, John Hayes, John

Bathurst: To be sent to Emu Plains until an opportunity offers of sending
them to Bathurst
James Dooley, WIlliam Fitzpatrick, James Fitzpatrick, Cornelius Dwyer, Roger

Some convicts were sent to private individuals

John Granger & John Mahony to John Farrington

James Griffin & Michael Walsh to Sergt McDonald, Field of Mars

John Ready & Thomas Dea to John Blaxland Esq.

William Purtell to William Cordeaux esq at Liverpool

Daniel McConville to Edmund Wright at Bringelly
Michael Carroll & John Hickey to John Neild at South Creek
James Shanahan to Capt King at South Creek

Cornelius Buckely & Garret Cotter to John Warby
Jeremiah Daley to Edward Taylor
James Condon to J Hudson
James Fennell & Patrick Fennell to T Wills
Edward Markham & Thomas Shaughnesy to James Byrne at Appin
James Fitzpatrick to Dennis Bryan at Appin
Patrick Corbett & James Donohue to Maurice Whologhan at Appin
John Drewe to Thomas Connell at Appin

John Connors & Michael Connors to B Jackson at Upper Minto

Humphrey Lynch, John Kenny, John Grady, Martin Grady, Patrick Byrne, Dennis
Gleeson Snr & Jnr, Dennis Gorman, John Dalton, James Ryan, Michael
Coughlin, Thoms Donoghue ALL to William Howe Esq at Upper Minto

Thomas Connor and William Nix to J Campbell

James Sperin and George Milcahy to Thomas Chaseling at Portland Head
William Doolan and Patrick Doolan to RICHARD KELLY (Mine !!) at Portland

Thomas Foughney to John Brown at Portland Head
Matthew Perry & Richard Humphrey to John Bowman at Richmond

Lesley Uebel


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I would be grateful to have anything you have on the Mangles and all these
persons to whom you refer. The spelling is "Granger" on both the Lord
Lieutenant's warrant and on the Indent. The Indent brackets eleven men, all
except one from Cork. My specific interest is Edmund Markham from Co
Limerick on the same ship, and I have sought to assemble all information I
can gather on all the convicts on the Mangles 1822.
Frank M.

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