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From: "Lynnette Brown" <>
Subject: [PJ] Crimes
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 19:24:57 +1000

1) (St) John Hannabus - born 1768 in Cornwall, England
The following is an extract from the Exeter "Flying Post" date 2 August 1792.

Monday last the Affizes for the County of Devon commenced at the caftle of this city before Hon Sir Francis Bull, Bart. and Sir John Wilfon knt. when the following prifoners were tried.
- John Hannabus for burglary Mary Cole ditto and John Everton for ftealing wearing apparel etc. All received fentence of death.
Further reports on John Hannabus - were that he had broken and entered the Hon Sir Francis Buller's home in the middle of the day BUT did not have any goods on his presnce.
John spent 61/2 years in Westminister Prison (mainly political prisoners were held here). St John sailed on the Ganges during 1979.

I feel that there may have been a conflict of interest with the Hon Sir Francis sitting in judgement.

2) Samuel Chaplain , born 1/7/1795 in Leciestershire Eng. Was tried on 23/3/1818 at the Assises in Leicester, received 7 years for his crime (I'm still trying to find what it was). Samuel married a daughter of St John & Margaret.

3) Margaret Edwards, born 1782 South Wales, she was put into service at 'a very tender age', she came from a very poor family. Margaret was caught for a 'petty crime' and received 7years transportation on 25/3/1797 at Salop Assize (she was 15 years old). Margaret sailed on Britannia in 1798. She co-habited with St John Hannabus and they 6 children.

4) Solomon Jackson (still to locate his birth & death), was tried and sentenced at Lancashire Castle on 1/9/1834, received 14 years for 'pledging a watch'. He arrived PJ on the 'Lady Nugent' on 6/4/1835.

5) Foster Anderson, Tried and sentenced on 18/10/1833 at Armagh for stealing yarn (16years old) he received 7 years. I'm sure this was a crime to come to Aus to be with his mother Sarah Anderson who was transported on the Caroline in 1833, she had also received 7years transportation.

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