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Hi Marie

I don't know where you live - but if near a large library, check to see if they
hold the Convict Indents and any of the other State Records of NSW film and

From the Indent for the Guildford 1824
Joseph Ratcliffe was tried in Suffolk in March 1823. He received a sentence of
Life. He was a Brickman and Ploughman at this time. His native place is also
stated to be Suffolk. He was 26 , had a brown and freckled complexion, brown
hair and dark brown eyes and was a tad over 5 feet 3 inches tall.

My research shows that Joseph was recommended for a Conditional Pardon in 31
January 1839 and was approved in July 1839.

In 1837 Joseph received permission to marry Sarah Leonard who was 17 and born in
the colony. Joseph at this stage was in receipt of a Ticket of Leave (No.
32/611). They applied through the Rev. Hassall at Narellan.

For this chap alone I would - for starters:

Obtain a copy of the Indent for the Guildford (fiche)
Obtain a copy of his Ticket of Leave Butt (fiche)
Obtain a copy of the Conditional Pardon information (fiche)
Obtain a copy of the Permission to Marry information (fiche)
Check the 1828 NSW Census (book or CD)
Check the 1837 General Return of Convicts (book at library)

Regards from

Lesley Uebel


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The only information that I have on Jane Doyle is that she came out in 1817
on Canada with a son John and married Richard Leonard and on the 12th
August, 1820 had a daughter Sarah. Sarah married Joseph Ratcliffe on the
6th November 1837.
I haven't been able to trace John Doyle at all.
All I have on Joseph Ratcliffe is that he came out on the Guildford 6 in
1824. There is no information on him in the Colonial Secretaries Letters.
I would appreciate any assistance or advice on where to look further.

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