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Dear Lesley,

The year is 1818, convict Patrick Reed/Reid, from Meath in Ireland, crime
housebreaking. Arrival at PJ 1818 in "Guildford" 2.

A letter to my husband's 3 x great grandparents, Patrick Reed and Bridget

Dear Patrick and Bridget,

What a thrill it was in 1986 or thereabouts, when I discovered you, because
I haven't found any convicts of my own.

It's a real shame that your indent, doesn't give the Townland in Meath,
where you were born, and why couldn't you have named your farm at Lower
Portland Head, after your hometown? But then, when you had been on that land
for thirteen years, you suddenly found that John McCann, who sold it to you,
was a real rotter. He didn't own it, it was government land and came up for
auction. Fortunately your brother in law James Pendergast bought it and
transferred it to Bridget and your daughter, after your death.

Then your son Bernard, caused a lot of problems for your descendants, when
he changed his name to Riley, as did his sister Margaret and his brother
William. It was a real puzzle, until I discovered that, Bernard Pendergast
Reed didn't marry or die, and John Riley wasn't born but did marry and die!
It was the birth certificate of your last child, Charles Bartle Reed born in
1857, which named all your children except the two girls, Ann and Jane who
had died, that alerted me to Bernard's name change. Then, one of your
descendants in South Australia wrote a letter saying that his grandfather,
John Riley had changed his name and religion, so it all fell into place and
gave me proof.

Your son William, couldn't make up his mind about whether he was Reed or
Riley, because he registered three of his children with the Reed surname and
the rest were Rileys! And your daughter Margaret went and married George
O'Rielly, whose name may have been Hewitson: his descendants haven't solved
that yet, as far as I know.

What a hard life you had with fifteen children, particularly as your father
in law, John Pendergast, wouldn't allow Bridget to marry till she turned 21,
and she had to live on Half Moon Farm with her three children, living with
her brother James and his family, on the Hawkesbury River. I was really
excited when a descendant sent your photograph to me, it was the first of my
husband's convicts [he has six], that I could put an image to.

Your headstone I found in Wollombi cemetery, it was broken but still
legible, unfortunately your son in law John Carroll put the wrong date on
it, maybe he was confused after the tragic death of your daughter Louisa
Bridget, who is buried with you. I always point out the difference when I
send a copy to any of your descendants; they need to get your death

Bridget spent the rest of her life living with your daughter, Sarah at
Inverell. She is buried there, probably in the unmarked plot next to Sarah
and her husband Terence Smith.

Well, I will have to close this letter now, because there are others I
should write to, but not yet, because you wouldn't believe just how busy our
lives have become since your time in the colony. Even with all the modern
conveniences that we now have, inventions in the past two hundred years,
there is never enough time for all the activities that we set ourselves.

Beryl Whatson

Lesley, I hope this isn't too long and is the type of story you expected. I
have no one before this date, whose tale is anywhere near completion, but a
few in the pipeline.

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