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Subject: Re: [PJ] Re information on HMS PORPOISE 6th Nov 1800entering Port Jackson
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Hello Leslie:
One interesting point
Governor King & family did not travel on the porpoise. They actually
travelled on the Speedy

best regards
Jim Loftus

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Subject: Re: [PJ] Re information on HMS PORPOISE 6th Nov 1800 entering Port

Hi Helen and Barbara

AS Return of Military Passengers and Convicts received in His Majesty's
Settlement New South Wales from the undermentioned ships (HRA Series 1 Vol

Porpoise. November 9th 1800

Passengers ....6 men
..... 6 women
..... 1 child above two years
.... 1 child under 2 years
Prisoners ...... 8 from Cape of Good Hope

My convict records show that these men were:

Conway, Matthew
Conway, William
Flinn, Michael
Hunter, Colin
Killacher, John
King, William
Klehar, John (Kellicar)
Rice, Thomas
Smith, John

In the HRA Series I Vol II

It states the following people were to travel on the Porpoise:

Lieut.-Governor King and family
Mr. Commissary Palmer and ditto
Mr. E. Stamford and ditto
Mr. Sutton and ditto
Mr. Mungo Park (didn't embark - negotiations fell through)
Edward Wise Weaver and family (Edward died on voyage)
...blank, gardener and wife
John Gearish, assistant to the gardener

George Banks Suttor was probably one of the children noted - he may have
been born about 1799.

I cannot work out who the Sarah Sutton is who claimed to have arrived free
on the Porpoise. She married James Murphy in 1818 and when he died in 1820,
she married Henry Skooler (Schooler) in 1824. Her age given in the 1828 NSW
Census is 40 - that would have her birth year approx. 1788 and that does not
fit with the family. George and Maria/Sarah had a daughter they named Sarah
in 1813 in NSW so it seems improbable that they would have two females with
the same name. (not impossible, just improbable)

The Porpoise (two with the same name) did arrive in PJ over the years
although I cannot find a list of passengers. It also carried some people
from VDL to PJ eg. From the Sydney Gazette in 1810 "Mr and Mrs. Palmer to
take a passage to Port Jackson from the Derwent" on the Porpoise.

Lesley Uebel

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Subject: Re: [PJ] Re information on HMS PORPOISE 6th Nov 1800 entering Port

I had a look on the Porpoise ship musters at the National Library a
few weeks ago for the voyage arriving November 1800 - they didn't list
anything for my ancestor Thomas Siberry who supposedly arrived as a
cabin boy on the same voyage, but I think it did list the convicts
etc. on it - MFM PRO 7012-7013 - so it might be worth your while to
have a look at this microfilm [part of the Admiralty ships' musters -
"each muster book lists the entire crew, date of entry, date of first
appearance on the ship, previous ship or location, place of birth,
age, name, rank, etc. of crew members").
Kind regards

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