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From: Paul Mann <>
Subject: [AUS-QLD-BRISBANE] Renamed places in Queensland
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 22:12:40 +1000

Hello Kerry and List.

I can confirm

Margaret St. Bulimba

is now Bilyana St. St.#session=MjY=

My mother was living there at the time of the change

Here a couple of additions to the street name changes:

Old Name

New Name.


Whereis Link


Alice St.

Bingham St.



Street Not found - approximate location noted

Alice St.

Boyanda St.

Mt. Gravatt

<>; St.#session=MjY=

Now Wishart

Arthur St.

Bricknock St./Brecknock St.

Cooper's Plains


Now Archifield

Bell St.

Brentford St.


<>; la.#session=MjY=

Street Not found - approximate location noted

Charles St.

Brockman St.


<>; St.#session=MjY=

Now Kedron

Jane St.

Berguna St. (removed)

Mt. Gravatt (Wishart)


Berguna Street has been replaced by houses.

Rose St.

Armes St.

Eagle Farm


Armes Street now appears to be a private driveway to an industrial site.

Source: Barletts Street Guide - Alphabetic Index of Street Name Changes -



On 7 Mar 2011, at 09:19, Kerry Raymond wrote:

> Anyone doing local or family history knows the frustration of finding

> a town or street name or building name that just doesn't appear on a
current map.

> So I have created a WWW page to record changed placenames in Queensland.



> -Queen

> sland.html


> There's not much information here yet, so please send me your

> contributions or updates at for any changed

> names that you've come across.


> While it's nice to have links to sources and the full history of the

> name and its change, don't worry if you don't have these as, many

> researchers would welcome any clue to track down those elusive places.


> Enjoy!


> Kerry

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