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From: "Bob & Jill Bulfoni" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 21:15:35 +1000

Hi All,
Relisting my surname interests.
I spent last weekend visiting cemeteries. We went to Minden, Marburg, Lowood, Coolana. I found relatives at Prenzlau whom I had never met before. And now I am also in contact with a RUHL family in Prenzlau in Germany. Having received photos from Prenzlau in Germany and then visiting OUR Prenzlau here in Queensland, I can see why our German ancestors named the area Prenzlau. The country side is very similar.
Can someone please tell me where the Rosewood Historical Society is? We spent some time driving around Rosewood and asked several locals who were not able to help us.
Our weekend was successfull in that I got many photos of graves of my RUHL, & BICHEL ancestors.
Also can anyone tell me if the term " Step Brother "had the same meaning in 1877 as it does now?
The reason I ask is that my G Great Grandfather August Frederich RUHL has diarised that he and his family, on their arrival to Australia were met by his Step Brother Willie SCHMIDT. Today no one in our family can recall any relation with the SCHMIDT family. If anyone has any information on William (Willie) SCHMIDT who lived on the Minden Range, ( on the site where Mr. Ben Kerle lived in 1938) I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Or if anyone out there can guide me in what direction I should take to find out who and how Mr Schmidt was linked to my RUHL family I again would appreciate the guidance. This one has me stumped. I did come accross a grave in the Lowood cemetery of one William SCHMIDT. No dates available.
Maybe I should visit the Gatton Historical Centre next visit.
Jillian Bulfoni

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