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From: rcmhart <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-QLD] JONES marriage lookup in QLD
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 10:55:21 +1000
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Hi Werona
Thanks for your so prompt reply. It was definitely Blodwen Winifred
JONES the one I am after. I thought with such an unusual name there
could only be one (always hopeful). Blodwen Winifred was born 18/7/1890
and was the daughter of Samuel JONES and Martha JOHN (1890/005780). I
have a photo of her actually and her two sons from Robert Hindmarsh. So
maybe she did only marry the once and not to Evan JONES. Maybe that was
the other Blodwen. I can always send for the marriage certificate if I
need to. Try to avoid that though if possible so appreciate your help.
Did you find a marriage for Blodwen and Robert HINDMARSH? I actually do
have the electoral roll information you mentioned in 1922 at Lambert Rd
as a typist. I think now that must have been another Blodwen Jones as
'my' one wouldn't have still been a JONES as she was married. I do have
a Blodwen Winifred JONES from the 1913 Electoral Roll which is her for
sure. Silly how you miss things and suddenly it becomes so clear. The
1922 couldn't be her as she is married with at least one child to Robert

(1913 Electoral Roll JONES Blodwen Winifred Railway Refreshment Rooms
(1922 Electoral Roll JONES Blodwen Lambert Rd Indooroopilly
Typist Female Toowong)

Re the Otto PROWD marrying Gertrude Jones. That's a bonus as I think
their son married a Pat Ranson who is also connected to the same
family. I have her marrying a PROWD but don't know the first name.
They would have been married in the sixties though as pat would have
been born around 1940.

Anyway Werona, if you have any more answers great and thanks again for
what you have sent me. Have a nice Sunday.

Werona Armstrong wrote:

>Hi Carolyn,
>JONES Evan died 7/6/1919 no parents listed 19/004437
>No other Evan JONES death 1913-1920.
>So either a divorce, or a different Blodwen married Evan. There are two
>Blodwen JONES marriages on the 1915-1919 film, one Blodwen Winifred, the
>other Blodwen Bertha Goodman. There are also two other Blodwen JONES births
>on the Federation Index - Blodwen JONES b. 1890, child of Edward JONES & Ann
>Walters and Blodwen JONES b. 1894, child of David JONES & Mary Anne Quinn.
>In 1922, there is a Blodwen JONES living at Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly. Your
>Blodwen Winifred is living at Welbeck, Geelong St (polling at Maree). I
>would not be surprised if the child of Edward & Ann b. 1890 is the Blodwen
>Jones who married Evan JONES.
>No Robert HINDMARSH birth on the Pioneer or Federation Index, that I could
>find. I didn't check alternative spellings.
>JONES Gertrude Martha married Otto John PROWD 30/1/1926 (1926/B039072)
>No other Gertrude or Irene marriages 1915-1929.
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