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Subject: [AUS-QLD] Unwed mothers 1905 - Lady Bowen Hospital
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 14:52:09 +1000

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former Lady Bowen Hospital Complex

Other Name
Anzac House and Club

Other Name
Lady Bowen Hostel

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497-535 Wickham Terrace



Bringing babies into the world

Providing health services

Defending Australia


The former Lady Bowen Hospital, Wickham Terrace was constructed in 1890 as
the second purpose built home of the Brisbane Lying-In Hospital, established
to provide health care and support to pregnant women who would otherwise not
receive medical care during pregnancy or at childbirth. The Ladies Committee
who established and managed the hospital from its inception in 1864 to its
takeover by the Brisbane and South Coast Hospitals Board in 1924, worked
toward achieving major advances in the field of obstetrics in Queensland,
and the Lady Bowen Hospital was the precursor of the 1938 Brisbane Women's
Hospital. The place demonstrates the evolution of health care, particularly
obstetrics in Queensland, beginning as a nineteenth century charitable
institution and became a core government funded service. The former Lady
Bowen Hospital has strong associations with the Ladies Committee who were
critical in the early provision of obstetric services and the place has a
special association with early patron, Lady Diamantina Roma Bowen, for whom
the hospital was named.

The place is a rare surviving nineteenth century Queensland hospital and a
unique nineteenth century lying-in or maternity hospital. The place
demonstrates the principle characteristics of the nineteenth century
pavilion planned hospital in its location on the outskirts of the central
business area, situated on an elevated site overlooking a park and also with
its internal planning creating well ventilated and naturally lit wards.

The former Lady Bowen Hospital is a Brisbane landmark. The place is a large
complex of sympathetically designed buildings, which despite more recent
renovations, are of architectural merit, for their composition and


The former Lady Bowen Hospital, on Wickham Terrace is a complex of three
buildings, the earliest of which was constructed as the second purpose built
home of the Brisbane Lying-In Hospital in 1889-90. In 1938 the Lady Bowen
Hospital was superseded by the Brisbane Women's Hospital and the site on
Wickham Terrace was leased for a variety of purposes. The buildings are
currently occupied by various arts related organisations.

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