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From: Garry Wilson <>
Subject: Re: James Clark and Alice Gangel
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 02:00:47 +1000


Pardon my ignorance, but why does the Tasmanian Pioneer Index have a Marriage for Alice Gangell to James Peves at Sorell in 1836, rather than to James Clark? Was PEVES an alias for CLARK? Or is this a mistake in the index?

What evidence do you have for the exact date of birth of a James Clark (or Peves for that matter) in Hobart on 25/12/1807 ? Birth dates were only rarely entered on the baptismal register around 1807 and there is no James Clark or Peves in evidence that early.

Besides there is nobody I know of with the name Peves or Peeves in VDL as early as that anyway. On the other hand, the closest "match" I can see for a James Clark is a James who was baptised on 28/2/1813 to Catherine Clerk. Since the birthdate is not given, James may have been born any time (within reason) before Feb 1813.

Now we know that Bobby Knopwood was a stickler for not naming the father where the parents were not married (even if the real father was at hand) and it seems too, that even if the "parents" were married, he would not name the husband as a father of a child unless he was satisfied that it was so.

In this case, we know that a Catherine Earley married a Charles Clark on 22 April 1812. Unfortunately I can't identify her in the 1814 or 1818 musters (where children are named or numbered respectively), but she does appear in the 1819 muster as Cath Clarke, where any listing of children we might need is not extant. (I don't have any other resources at my fingertips to delve deeper, as I am not at home!)

My guess at this stage of our research, is that Catherine Clark nee Earley is indeed the mother of this James "Clerk", but that her husband Charles Clark (per Calcutta by the way) is probably not his father, but he might be as Knopwood may have been just been difficult, if the child had been born before the marriage. Since Catherine Earley appears to be the Cath Yearly who came on the City of Edinburgh from NI on 2/10/1808, in the complete absence of any other possibilities, I deduce that she is the daughter of Rachel Early and probably Samuel Marsden (marine, not THE Rev Sam Marsden). But all this of course would point to young James being born after Oct 1808 as it does not seem that Cath Yearly/Early came with a child.

So in the absence of any information that you or any one else might have, that is the best I can do for the minute. I would love to hear more of the supporting evidence that you might have for a James Clark born as you say in 1807. Otherwise, the only possibility I can see at present might be this James baptised in 1813 to the said Cath Clark nee Early. But the earliest (if you'll pardon the pun) I could see for his birth would be late 1808, not 1807.

Come to think of it, it would be interesting to know who Alice Gangell was as well. I'm guessing here that she is the daughter of William Gangell and Ann Skelhorn, but I don't have nay evidence before me to that effect.

So more info please.


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From "Rod Hill" <>
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 15:52:00 +1000
Subject JAMES CLARK B 1807
Does any one have any info on James CLARK born 25 Dec 1807 Hobart Town ?????. I know he married Alice GANGELL 1836 at Pittwater.
Any assistance would be most appreciated

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