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From: "Chris Beasley" <>
Subject: Re: [AUS-Tas] Legal name change
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 19:24:56 +1100
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Hi Ray and others interested
I am facing something in regard to this dilemma at the moment with one of my
great ggrandmothers having had 3 illegitimate children by one party and
another 8 by her next partner The first three having adopted the succeeding
partners surname and also having in at least two of the cases a change in
forename as well
The three of them lived and died with the adopted names and from what I can
gather were happy to do so,
the connection to the biological father completely and utterly severed
If these offspring were happy enough to adopt another mans name ,then so am
Sometime in the future I may go back and chase up that biological connection
but for me, at the moment ,the other family holds far more interest
There is no compulsion on us as researchers to follow any particular line
and in my case I seem to follow the path of least resistance until something
beckons me back to the trail I started from and when you're looking for the
family connections of 16 gggrandparents things can get pretty messy my
advice would be to chill out and go with the flow
If anyone has an issue with the way you've approached your data entry, let
them sort it out
cheers Chris in Tremont

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From: "Ray Edmunds" <>
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Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 5:49 PM
Subject: Re: [AUS-Tas] Legal name change

> Hi,
> I think Bob raises an important issue of ethics here, and is right to say
> that each researcher must determine their own standard. However, there are
> a
> number of aspects which should be considered in reaching such a decision.
> I think it is important to recognise that, for what ever reason, a person
> has
> a right to choose to adopt a surname different from their birth name,
> use this name throughout their life (without changing it by deedpoll), and
> maybe raise a family who are registered under this name. In such a case I
> think it incumbent upon us to respect that person's decision. If we
> don't then we also compromise them and their descendants right to that
> name.
> How do we treat those who change their name by deedpoll?. Do we ignore
> this
> more emphatic desire to rid themselves of a previous birth, and sometimes
> painful, surname or, as Bob suggests, rename them and their descendants
> with
> their birth surname? If we say that a name changed by deedpoll is a legal
> change and thus acceptable, why then treat an informal change any
> differently, after all their desire for a change of recognition is the
> same
> in both cases.
> To arbitrarily change the surname to what may have been the birth name
> can,
> in my view, be disrespectful and unethical.
> We can incude an alias - true or false - in our family's history and make
> appropriate comments of explanation.
> Most family history programs have a AKA (Alias) facility and the ability
> to
> make a qualifying note, which can be included in a printout. The ability
> to
> recognise an alias and qualify its use is, in my view, the proper way of
> highlighting the birth surname, particularly where it has not been used.
> These are some of the issues we should consider before deciding our
> standard;
> or is it not a universal genealogical standard?
> I will be interested to hear what other listers have to say on this
> fairly
> important subject.
> Regards.
> Ray E
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> From: "Bob Millman" <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 11:50 PM
> Subject: RE: [AUS-Tas] Legal name change
>> Surely the registered birth name to be entered as the name of the person.
>> Any other name would be considered an alias of this name. Depending on
>> the
>> particular program being used the method of entry of the alias would also
>> vary accordingly. I have an ancestor who was registered under certain
>> birth name but was always referred to under a different name. I have
>> entered this alternative name as an additional name.
>> You may wish to establish your own standard for identification of your
>> ancestors but usually birth registration name is accepted as the norm.
>> Bob
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