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From: "Lesley Sinclair" <>
Subject: Burials in the Sorell district
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 18:18:14 +0800

Hi Everyone,

I have several unanswered questions which someone may be able to help me

My POTTERs and STAINTONs were in Tas. from the early 1850s until the
mid1870s, when they moved on to Auckland. (Economic reasons?

1.Selina and George STAINTON brought 5 children to Tas. from England,
and had another 7 in Tas. which included a set of twins and a set of
triplets, with singles either side.

On the 5th April 1867, one of the twins (Louisa Caroline or Susan
Caroline - one of those must be a transcription error) died aged two.
They were living in Sorell at the time, and George was a labourer. (He
was a milkman when she was born.) Two months later, (29th June 1867)
Selina gave birth to the premature triplets. Sarah and Mary only lived
ten minutes, and William succumbed after two hours. I would like to find
out where they may have buried these little mites. Having named them, I
assume they would have buried them with their little sister.

I think they would have almost certainly been Congregationalists.
However, Selina's brother, Albert POTTER had a 420 acre property at
Green Hills, (where ever that might be) and I wondered if they may have
been buried there. Were they allowed to do that?

2. Albert POTTERs wife Margaret (nee Currie) had her fifth child Edwin
Alonzo Ambrose POTTER in Sorell district in 1863. That is the last that
is heard of mother and child. The following year finds Albert remarrying
a relative of another sister's husband and starting another family, but
with his other children in tow. This seems to point to unrecorded
deaths. They would have been Congregationalists or Presbyterians as

3. I have also mislaid the mother of Selina and Albert POTTER. She would
not have been young when she came out to Tas. in 1861, being born about
1794, but arrived safely enough. Hannah POTTER could have died in the
district as well, but could also have lasted to go to NZ, as Thomas
POTTER her husband did, or even at sea. There seems to be no record in
Tas. or NZ of her death.

I suppose I am hoping to find them all in a neat little row, somewhere,
and recorded in some church records, at least.

Any pointers? All suggestions gratefully received.

Lesley Sinclair

(West. Australia)

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