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From: "Carol" <>
Subject: [AUS-Tas] Ann Podmore, re. Who Do You Think You Are? Series 1.
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 10:15:44 +1100

Dear All,
I'm in a bit of a dilemma..I've discovered that Ann Podmore, 1797-1839) who was murdered at the hands of William Currie, proprietor of the Bluebell Inn in Sorell, was the daughter of a First Fleet convict, Phebe Flarty. (Phebe also had a run-in in with the law in partnership with my First Fleeter, Lydia Munro, before they both separately committed the crimes which led to their transportation.)
Unfortunately, this same Ann Podmore, undeniably and indisputably Phebe's daughter, is incorrectly listed as the Ann Flaherty who married John Moore in Sydney in 1817, and who also were Governor and Mrs. Macquarie's servants. And, naturally, John and Ann (Nancy) Moore's descendants are all proud First Fleeters. My innocent research into Ann Podmore's life, because of her association with my Cockerell family (1804 Ocean) has led me into a minefield...I feel awful that I have denied them of their proud heritage, but I'm consoled by the fact that Ann Podmore's descendants will now learn of their heritage for the first time.
Ann Podmore's daughter Margaret Ann was baptised/born? in Sorell in 1838, as Podmor (Colonial Links). She married/began a relationship with Albert Potter in Spring Bay by 1854 (Colonial Links) as Margaret Ann Currie, and had four sons and a daughter (Colonial Links), the first in Spring Bay, the rest in Sorell. (If anyone is related or interested or has more info. than the Colonial Links, please contact me...)
Now to "Who Do You Think You Are?...I'm almost certain that Dennis Cometti met with John and Ann Moore's descendants in Series 1, as he was one of their descendants. Does anyone have the DVD for that series? If so, could they find the time to have a look? I've Googled for details, but can't find a transcript or anything relating to that program.
I've contacted one of John and Ann Moore's descendants, and have sent a copy of my research, before I realised the implications to the family of John and Ann Moore, or how upsetting it would be to the family...I haven't heard anything back...Oh dear!
Has anyone else managed to tread on as many toes as I have? And, if so, how did you deal with it? Any suggestions will be gratefully received.
And, of course, my research is available to anyone who'd like to have it,
Best wishes,
Carol Brill,

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