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Subject: [AUS-Tas] PAGE and Hampton
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 15:53:06 +1100

Hi Janice,

I have quite a bit on this family,
I have added this here as well as an attachment

George Page and Mary Ann Briggs

George PAGE Christ 11 Feb 1827 Dartford Kent, England. Son of Charles Robert PAGE and Sarah CARLEY. George died 25 July 1888 age 61(25/1888) Beaconsfield, TAS.

George married Mary Ann Briggs on the 21 Mar 1853 at Brighton TAS, Australia.

Mary Ann BRIGGS bc 1836, Christ 5th March 1837 Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Daughter of Benjamin BRIGGS and Lydia UNKNOWN. Mary Ann died 13 Nov 1926 age 91, Launceson, TAS

· George’s 5 brother’s Henry, Charles Robert, James, William George and John arrived as Bounty immigrants. There is a book called a ”A page in History” which has his family in it.
· According to the AOT Convict's Permissions to Marry Index, George PAGE is
listed as a convict per Rodney and Mary Ann BRIGGS is listed as free.
· George convict record-AOT Database number 54351 arrived 28 Nov 1850 on Rodney(1) departed 23 Aug 1850 Portland(Dorset)
· Helen Stoltenberg is a descendant of Joseph Briggs-Mary Ann’s brother.
· Benjamin Briggs and Mrs Briggs and 5 Children arrived Tasmania from Sydney on 30th April 1840 on the “Marian Watson in steerage(CSO 92/4 F46 arrivals).
· See Briggs family tree for more detail(when finished)
· Most of the information on this family came from Glenis Abel-23 Edith Ave Sandy Bay in 2003.

George Page and Mary Ann Briggs had 9 identified Children:

1. Sarah Charlotte Page born 26 May 1854 (67/1854)) Brighton, TAS.
Sarah relationship with Albert Poulden-1 daughter –Louisa (brought up by grandparents as youngest child.
Then married 13 Jan 1880(135/1880) Launceston, TAS to Edward Cumberland Joyce-2 Children.

2. Mary Ann Page born 4 Jun 1857 (92/1857) Brighton, TAS.
Mary Ann married 31 May 1880(355/1880) Launceston, TAS to Thomas Casey-9 children.

3. George Henry Page born 25 Dec 1859(10/1960)Launceston, TAS,
George Henry married Sarah Lydia(e) HAMPTON(1st Cousins) on 26 Jan 1882(648/1882) Launceston, TAS. Daughter of Elizabeth(Betsy)BRIGGS and Thomas HAMPTON. Born 22 Oct 1860(641/1860) at Brighton
George died 27 July 1903, buried 1st Aug 1903 age 43 at Beaconsfield.
Sarah Lydia died 26 June 1944 age 83.
· George died not long after the accident reported in the examiner-Monday 27 July 1903.
· Sarah’s residence at death 174 Bathurst St Hobart.

George Henry Page and Sarah Lydia Hampton had 3 Children

a) George Herbert Page born 8 Sept 1882(648/1882)Beaconsfield. Died infancy 11th Sept 1882(26/1882) Beaconsfield.
b) Ernest Henry Page born 23 Jan 1884(716/1884) Beaconsfield. Married 1906 Lilian Ada HUTTON. Born 18 Nov 1884 Deloraine. Daughter of John W Hutton and Elizabeth Heron.
c) Ethel Isabel Page born 3rd Sept 1886(795/1886) Beaconsfield.

4. Orman Emerlick Page born 11 July 1862(950/1862) Longford, TAS, Died 5 Jul 1863(285/1863) Longford as Owen Emeric.

5. Emily Alice Page born 17 Jun 1864(1107/1864) Longford, TAS. Emily Alice married 19 Feb 1884 Launceston to Arthur Ernest Green- 4 children.

6. Elizabeth Julia Page born 24 Jan 1867 (823/1867) Longford, TAS. Elizabeth married 1895 Beaconsfield to Robert Herron-3 Children

7. Fanny Lydia Page born 28 Jun 1869 (889/1869) Longford, TAS. Fanny married 26 May 1897(693/1897) Lefroy to Thomas Ernest Stonehouse- no issue.

8. Ann Amelia(Hannah) Page born 7 Aug 1872 Westbury, TAS Amm Amelia(Hannah) married 15 Jan 1890 Sheffield to William Frederick Grundy-2 Children

9. Thomas Benjamin Page born 8 June 1873 “Somerville” Westbury, TAS. Thomas Benjamin married 21 Oct 1896 Beaconsfield to Emily Jane Neal-5 children.

Hope this helps

Yours in Family Research
Helen Stoltenberg

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Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 10:42:11 +1100

Good Morning Listers,

For a favour to my sister, I am researching her daughter in law's PAGE family. I have tranced the family back from Manly NSW to Tasmania, through Eric Melville Page born 14 10 1910 in Gordon, Tasmania, through is father Ernest Henry Page born 23 Jan 1884, who married Lillian Ada Hutton in 1906 in Tasmania. Through Ernest's father, George Henry Page born circa 1860 ??? George married Sarah Lydia Hampton on 26th Jan 1882 in Launceston.

I am unable to ascertain if George Henry Page was born in Tasmania or if he immigrated or even arrived below deck in chains.

I have found the birth of his wife Sarah Lydia Hampton, she is the daughter of Thomas Hampton, no mother's name given. She was born on 22 Oct 1860 at Brighton. This is as far as I have been able to go. I thought that maybe both George and Sarah could be children of convicts.

I have found the death of George Henry Page on 27 Jul 1903, but not the death of his wife Sarah Lydia Page (nee Hampton). Also I have not been able to find the death of George's son Ernest Henry Page and his wife Lillian Ada Page (nee Hutton). Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

I hope SKS, can point me in the right direction, to unravel this mystery.

Happy Christmas to you all,

Belrose - Sydney

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