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From: Kaye Sutton <>
Subject: [AUS-Tas] Jane Hooper
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 10:18:32 +1000
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Dear Listers

I am interested in Jane Hooper as she seems to have been connected to my gx3 grandfather Jonathan Griffiths, convict 2nd fleet, and his family.
2 of J'than's grand daughters were named Jane Hooper.
I would be appreciate any info / input/ thoughts about her, especially any data from any census / musters.

Jane Hooper drowned when she fell into the Tamar nr L'ton in a state of intoxication aged 40 in 1833.
>From at least 1826 Mrs Hooper had been 'housekeeper ' for J'than nr L'ton and this is documented in articles found on trove.

A Jane Duff married George Hooper in 1817 in Sydney; he was a mariner who had come from Mauritius.
A Mrs Hooper made several voyages to VDL between 1817 & 1820.

George Hooper was Master of the Henrietta packet between VDL and PD in1817
A George Hooper died in Sydney in March 1820.

Rebecca J Hooper was born in Sydney in 1816 parents Jane and George Hooper.
R J Hooper was put in the female orphan school in 1825 until 1830.
Rebecca Hooper sailed to L'ton on the Kains, captain William Lushington Goodwin, in 1831 & she returned to Sydney in 1833.
She later married William Shipman

JANE Hooper, had a child by Goodwin in L'ton in 1832, this child, Jane Goodwin, died in 1833.
Goodwin having a wife and children who were still in England at this time.
He later started the Cornwall Chronicle in L'ton.

Going further back, a convict Janet Duff Scotland tried Glasgow 1810 arrived in Sydney on the 'Friends' in 1811.
She had a child, Betty Duff, born in 1812, fathered by Samuel Foster who c/ free on the "Sydney Cove' in 1809 and was listed as a baker.
Samuel also had a child with convict Ann Single in 1809, she in her late 40s & his housekeeper.

In Aug1820 Janet Duff 'free by servitude no 4/2454 1 May 1820' was a passenger on the Griffiths ship Glory to PD along with J'than and 2 of his sons.

Elizabeth Duff is listed on the Griffiths ship Glory in June 1824 as " going to join her mother Jane Duff in PD".
Elizabeth Hooper married in L'ton Captain John Barker Harwood captain of Caroline in 1829 then left PD.

Is it reasonable to assume that Janet/ Jane Duff & Jane Hooper are all one and the same person??? and that Elizabeth/ Betty Duff & Elizabeth Hooper are one and the same??
The census/ muster data may help.

Kaye Sutton

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