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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] YWCA Geelong in the 1930s
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 07:16:18 +1000
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Hi Loretta,

Not sure about records held in Geelong but have you looked at ...

Select "ABOUT US" and then "HISTORY", alternatively look at some of the
locations and their individual histories.

I'd suggest contacting the Y direct and asking them about records - they
may be able to help. 78 Yarra Street, Geelong. 5221 8344.
Alternatively try the web site for email address for Geelong or
Melbourne offices.

Regards ........ Susie Z

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Subject: [GEELONG] YWCA Geelong in the 1930s

> Hello all,
> Does anyone know if there are any records for the YWCA in Geelong? An
> elderly relative tells me that my grandmother was involved with that
> institution, and a particular friend/mentor of hers was a Miss Young
who (we
> think) held some sort of administrative position there. She was known
> "Misha" by my Grandma's family. Grandma was Alma Kathleen McHENRY
> NAGEL, later still HAMILTON), but she was always known as "Babs". This
> probably have been in the mid to late 1930's, because Babs married and
> away in 1938 when she was 21.
> All a bit vague I know, but this list has been so helpful in the past
> nothing would surprise me!
> Many thanks,
> Loretta Thomas
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