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From: "Susie Zada" <>
Subject: [GEELONG] About those Off Topic messages
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 08:24:47 +1100

Hi everyone,

I definitely have not used the "trigger" word in the subject line ........ V

This is a reminder to EVERYONE about OFF TOPIC Messages and what is not
acceptable on this Mailing List.

And Marie, don't think I'm just pointing the finger at you - you've just
given an opportunity to remind everyone what they shouldn't do!

Unless the Mailing List is explicitly related to v i r u s e s, then
discussions / warnings are ALWAYS banned because messages about them just
result in "notifying" even more people about something that is generally a
hoax - an awfully good reason to NOT allow them on mailing lists!

The guidelines aren't too difficult and there are really good reasons for
them ......

This is what is in the Welcome Message ...

Topics open for discussion are :

a. The History of Geelong and District
b. The Genealogy of the families who lived there for any period or settled
c. Publications, archives, resources etc. relating to the area
d. Announcements from LOCAL and APPROVED Historical Societies / Archives /
Museums - please check with me first at

PLEASE send a copy of replies to queries from other subscribers to the list
as it may just job someone's memory and it will certainly add to our
knowledge of the area.

What's not welcome :

a. Messages not related to Geelong and District
b. Continuous bombardment of the list promoting publications and websites
c. Advertisement for services - genealogy or otherwise.

If in doubt, contact me first - Susie Zada at

Unfortunately I'm going to have to explicitly add

d. ANY discussion on v i r u s e s.

And, any discussion / reply to this message is to be sent to me and NOT to
the Mailing List.

Many thanks ........... Susie Z, List Admin

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