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The following is quoted from "Markers and Memorials at the Geelong
Hospital" by W.R. (Roy) Lang

A remarkable woman, Mary Clementina De Garis M.D.,B.S. 1881-1963
In the foyer of De Garis House at the Geelong Hospital there is a framed
document with two medals attached. There are twenty lines in this curious
statement. This is how it reads:-
"In the name of His Majesty
Peter I
By the Will of God and the Will of the nation
King of Serbia
Alexander successor to the throne
upon the recommendation of our Minister of War
do decorate with the Order of St. Sava
3rd class
Miss Mary C De Garis
Officer commanding the Scottish Women's Hospital
at Ostrovo
(3rd Field Surgical)
having her free from paying the tax
Our Minister of War may execute the UKAS
14th December 1918
Solonika, Signed Alexander
Minister for War (General) Mih Rashitch
LBrF3622. The faithfulness of this copy is herewith testified
(signed) Lt. Colonel Vlad Y Skubitz"

An "In Memoriam" Card declared her to be the Daughter of Elisha C. (an
irrigationist) and Elizabeth (Buncle) De Garis. Sister of her twin,
Elizabeth Florence Alexander and of L.G. De Garis, Auntie Doc to nephews,
nieces, cousins and in-laws. Sister of the late C.J., Lilian and A.E. De Garis.

With appreciation of the presence of Miss Ann Tovell at the critical
moment; of Mrs L. Schouter, the friendly neighbor in the crisis; of Dr.
Agar in prompt attendance; of Messrs. Hargreaves, in professional manners;
and of Rev. Stanley I. Weeks in administering spiritual power. Recipricol
good will to Baxter House, Kardinia House, and the Geelong & District
Kitchener Memorial Hospital.

She was born at Charlton, Victoria on 16th December 1881 and died at
Geelong on 18th November, 1963.
She was "faithful in her day and generation".
She practised her profession 1905-1963.
Her World War I service was in England, and with the Scottish Women's
Hospitals: 1916-1918
She came to Geelong in 1919 and practised from "Gable House" 258 Latrobe
Terrace, Newtown, Geelong from 1922 to 1963.
Her brother L.G. De Garis recalled her as sister, colleague, and
encourager; "for more than thirty years the chief encourager of the Credit
Crusade, expressly desiring its continuance, for a new theory of money as
the alternative to debt and war.

Dr. Mary De Garis was Honorary Medical Officer in charge of the Maternity
Ward in the 1931-1932 year and resigned in 1940-41, when she became an
Honorary Consultant Medical Officer of the Hospital.
She was concerned about the right of women and it is interesting to note
that during her service in the Scottish Women's Hospital at Ostravo Dr.
Mary De Garis worked with orderly Stella Miles Franklin, author of "My
Brilliant Career," (1901), "All That Swagger," (1936) and ten other novels.
There was a Nightingale touch about this group of women.
Dr Mary's writings included "Clinical Notes and Deductions of a
Peripatetic," (London, 1925) and "The History of Obstetrics" (London,
1930), and her important functional study of child bearing was of high
professional value.
She believed that "What we do depends upon on what we think."
The De Garis family motto "Dum spiro spero" suggests that while there is
life there is hope.

At 30/07/2003 Wednesday02:26 PM -0700, you wrote:
>De Garis House, now medical room, situated behind the present Geelong
>Private Hospital is named for Mary De Garis. It housed the Barwon Health
>Medical Library until recent years. Chief Librarian Stephen Due would help
>you with further information I feel sure - find him thru the Barwon Health
>Carollyn Williams
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> Subject: [GEELONG] de Garis and the Credit Crusade
> Does any one know about this?
> Mary de Garis was a pioneering woman doctor who ( I am pretty sure) died in
> Geelong. Her father was Elisha de Garis and her mother was Elizabeth(?)
> Buncle. Therefore her maternal grandfather was John Buncle who owned
> Parkside Iron works in North Melbourne. Mr Buncle wrote "Experiences of a
> Victorian Manufacturer" which was republished on his death in 1899. The
> State Library has a copy of this with the following stamps - The Credit
> Crusade - L G De Garis. 'Sarnia' 256 (or 286) La Trobe Terrace Postal
> address Box 59 Geelong" and "In Memoriam Mary C DeGaris. Colleague of the
> Credit Crusade" and repeats the postal address.
> L G de Garis is probably Lucas George
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