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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] John Bousquet Evans
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 09:39:05 +1100
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Hi Brian,
Sorry, can't help with isolating the precise mode of transport which took
your lot to Geelong.
However, supposing that they did go by sea, they could have been on one of
many vessels that moved between Sydney and Melbourne/Geelong. If you have a
look at the online versions of the "Shipping Gazette and Sydney General
Trade List"- this will give you an
idea of the movement of ships (both international and local). The online
copies only go up to 1855, but I'm sure you'll get the general idea of just
how many vessels moved about the country.
Having said this I'll also add that I agree with Linda- they may have
travelled overland. I have family who arrived in Sydney in 1855 and then a
few years later ventured down to Victoria in search of gold. I haven't got
around to tracking down how they got to Vic. but have always presumed that
it was overland.
Hope this is of help,
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Subject: [GEELONG] John Bousquet Evans

> Dear Family Researchers,
> I have been unable to determine how JB Evans and his family arrived in
> Geelong. Salient facts are:-
> Family travelled to Sydney on the Washington Irving and arrived March 2nd
> 1856. Part of the Family Colonisation plan.
> Ebenezer Evans was born at Chippendale in Sydney in 1856. He died in 1857
> Geelong.
> Can anyone help in identifying the ship that transported them to Geelong?
> Any help provided will be appreciated.
> Yours sincerely,
> Brian Evans
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