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From: "Susie Zada" <>
Subject: ADMIN message - Lookups on Geelong Cemeteries
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:20:38 +1100

Hi Folks,

Just a gentle reminder and a friendly request.

Please do not email Pam at Geelong Cemeteries Trust asking for information
on people buried at the various Geelong Cemeteries that the Trust is
responsible for.

They are not able to answer queries by email - all requests should follow
the correct process outlined on our Research Centres web site .......

Their job is to arrange for burials of people recently deceased.

They are putting in a lot of time, effort and money into getting their
database on-line (hopefully later this year) and you can help that process
greatly by following the correct procedure in the meantime ........ old
fashioned snail-mail and the VERY reasonable fee of $5.50.

They've been terrifically helpful in allowing us to add the basic index
(Names, year, cemetery) to our on-line database but unfortunately if so many
people keep emailing asking for the information via email and for free we
may have to remove the Geelong Cemeteries Trust entries from our on-line

Patience and understanding will result in better on-line information in the

Regards ....... Susie Zada, List Admin

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