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From: "Pam & Trevor Jennings" <>
Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Colac Police Station
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 15:49:12 +1000
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Hi Ada - those of us with a more colourful past obviously have gained more
'status' in the family tree! At least they have made an attempt to be found
by the following generations, not like some who lived ,died and vanished!
With so many people now scattering cremated remains rather than placing them
in a cemetery, we will also have some interesting theories in time to come
of how granny ended up in the Bay at aged 97!!! Take care, Pam
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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Colac Police Station

> Pam & Trevor Jennings wrote:
>> Hi Pat - John Daly - 2 charges:
>> - drunk & disorderly -cautioned & discharged
>> - obscene language, fined 10/- or one week on lockup
>> Regards, Pam
> Hi Pam,
> When I paraded such information I was branded a scandalmonger and
> received abusive letters from those seeking knowledge of a forebear!
> I once had an enquiry on a man who, family stories go, owned most of the
> pubs in Williamstown (a choice of 85). The name did not ring a bell ...
> but, I found in the rates that he moved around a lot, always renting,
> then I checked my "drunk and disorderlies" and found he was a regular on
> the watch house books.
> Can you imagine a youngster overhearing:"He kept most of the hoteliers
> in business" or, "He spent so much on booze he could have owned all the
> local hotels".? Family stories often begin thus!
> Fortunately the recipient of this local info had a good sense of humour!
> Regards Ada
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