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From: Graeme Bentley <>
Subject: [GEELONG] Baldwin Locomotives at Beech Forest
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:05:11 +1000

Syd & Suzie,

Only the first NA class locomotive was built in the USA by Baldwin. The Victorian Railways bought the plans and built all other 13 engines of this class at their Newport workshops.

If any Baldwin staff did come to Victoria, I doubt there would be more than one person, and they certainly wouldn't have traveled to Beech Forest.

The "Beechy" locomotives were in fact stabled at Colac, so any running repairs would be have been done at Colac anyway. For anything major, they were transported back to Newport.

They worked on 4 narrow gauge lines around Victoria (Belgrave-Gembrook - the famous 'Puffy Billy', Wangaratta-Whitfield, Moe-Walhalla, and Colac-Beech Forest-Lavers Hill), and transporting the narrow gauge locos and rolling stock around the state on broad-gauge transporter wagons was not uncommon.

Graeme Bentley
On: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 10:46:23 +1000
"S.R & K.M.Pattison" wrote

| G'Day Susie,
| Another suggestion may be that it is something to do with the Baldwin
| Locomotive Company of USA. In 1902/04 or thereabouts, the 30 mile ? Colac to
| Beech Forest railway line was opened and in ? 1910/12 ? the line was
| extended by 14/15 miles to Crowes. I understand that at least some of the
| Locomotives were from "Baldwins" and this may have meant that they had a
| depot here to service the teething problems of a sale so far away from their
| home base. Sorry about the queries in the dates, my brother is better with
| railway history than I am but I haven't tracked him down this morning.
| And just in case you were wondering ~ I don't think the Robert Pattison
| mentioned is a relation.
| Regards,
| Syd Pattison

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