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From: "Shirley" <>
Subject: [GEELONG] MOTH family, Blacksmiths at Deans Marsh from 1918
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 13:33:02 +1100

Hi List,
Just recently I got a photo of a painting, that was said to be owned by a
descendant of the Moth family. The early Moth family was formerly of Deans
Marsh (came from Footscray previous). They first arrived at Deans Marsh
about 1918 onwards, going by school admission dates. The descendant who has
the painting, is said to be living in Queensland, but I have no idea of any

The painting is of 2 little wooden sheds joined together, with open barn
type doors in front, situated next to a small house. Out the front of one
shop, a man is shoeing a horse. The other shed looks like it has wagons or
machinery in there. There is an old wagon out the front, with people going
about their daily routine. Using a magnifying glass I can just make out some
intitials (probably R. & C.G.) MOTH, Blacksmith. The house also has a
little sign in front, which is too hard to read - could be Mrs. McInnes'
cafe. It has 2 women and 4 children standing out front.

Looking at Moth family records on MacBeth c.d.'s, this is what info I have
found out so far -

Doris May MOTH b. 1915 Footscray (parents Reuben Moth & Zoe Johnstone).
Doris was admitted to Deans Marsh Primary school on 16.5.1921, from
Footscray. Her father was Reuben and occupation given was Blacksmith.

Reuben Charles MOTH b. 1919 (same parents as above)

Reuben Moth (Snr.) m. Zoe Johnstone in 1915.

Cyrus George (known as George) MOTH m. Amy Ruth Buckland.
William Reuben d. 1890, 4 years.
Unnamed MOTH b. 1891, d. 1891.
Minnie Vic. b. 1898 Warragul.
George Victor b. 1902 Footscray. d. 1902.
Amy Grace b. 1903 Footscray.
Pearl Lillian b. 1906 Footscray. Admitted to Deans Marsh school 1918.
(Father George Moth, Blacksmith).
William b. 1915.

Reuben MOTH (parents George & Amy nee Buckland) b. abt 1894, d. Heid. 1967,
73 yrs.

Amy MOTH nee Buckland d. Lorne 1960, 91 yrs.

I am not related to the Moth family, but was mainly wanting to know more
about the painting e.g. when it was painted, who painted it, where were the
premises situated at Deans Marsh and any history to go with the Moth family
and their Blacksmith premises etc. I have a rough hand drawn map of early
Deans Marsh premises and the Moth building is listed on there, so I roughly
have an idea where it was (between the current Deans Marsh store and
Marjorie Lawrence house). There are no existing buildings there today, that
could be the ones in the photo. If anyone wants a copy of the photo, I could
email it off-list, if that would help anyone with any info relating to the

Hoping someone can shed some more light on the painting and its' history re
the Moth family and Blacksmith business etc.

Shirley Mesman.

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