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another mention this time Jane Collier and Charles Avery

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> Does anyone know the names of the children and wife of Thomas Collier -
> one of the original Colliers in Australia. He was an Englishman who was
> deported to NSW in 1789 with Thomas Hodgetts. They along with two others
> were accused of stealing bacon. The other two were aquitted. Thomas
> Hodgetts brought his wife Harriett with him to Australia.
> My father used to say that we were descended from the Colliers of Wales. I
> know believe this was New South Wales as I have a picture of my great aunt
> Margaret Collier taken in Geelong around 1884. There was another lady -
> Jane Collier who married Charles Avery who moved to Geelong about 1846.
> She was born in Newfoundland around 1826 and I think she was the aunt of
> Margaret.
> Margaret's parents were Michael (b.1814) and Elizabeth (Organ) Collier.
> Michael's parents were Samuel and Sarah. If my hunch is right, Samuel
> would be Thomas Collier's son. The family must have been well established
> in Australia by 1884 for Margaret to go there to visit.
> Any hints or information will be greatly appreciated.
> chuck
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