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From: "Stan & Linda Edwards" <>
Subject: Re: [GEELONG] - Change of Name
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 12:56:39 +1000
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I have to wonder if your Sharp /Smart is not a transcription or
pronounciation error too. its very similar .Could they read and write?
Interesting this change of name came up this week, when I too am battling
with a possible change of name from Oakley to Allen in uk, I have found
someone in another family who changed his nchristian ame from jonas to
james, and found his father also jonas in debtors prison about the time of
the name change, was this to avoid possible problems in confusing the two of
Have yet to find any reason why this last change occurred but they did move
counties at same time and it seems there was no legal requirement in 1800's
in uk to record name changes.
After years of searching it only came to light using a christian name search
of census records with just christian name of siblings, date and place of
But without evidence its really hard to prove its the same family.
Uk certificates dont list mothers names except for birth. I know this is not
in itself geelong related but if anyone has any ideas love to hear them if
you reply direct and if you have a family you can only find in one or two
census' then try a few searches without surname you may be surprised with
what you find.

So good luck.

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