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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Henry Hewle(i)tt OSBORNE born Geelong 18/11/1856
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 08:18:10 +1100
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Hi Sandra,

What year / date is on your original wedding certificate?

Were their children Henry Ernest (b.1879 Kerang, d.1883 Cohuna), Amy Anne
(b.1881 Cohuna), William Frank (b.1883 Cohuna) and Clara Frances (b.1884
Cohuna)? These appear to be the right family given that you said she was
married at Gunbower which is VERY close to Cohuna.

If the answer is yes, then I think Chris is absolutely correct about Mary
Ann's marriage INDEX stating that she was born in Liverpool. The Marriage
index shows a marriage for Henry Hewlett OSBORNE, born Geelong, marrying
Mary Ann BARTON in 1878. Henry Hewlett is a most unusual combination of
names so I can't see how this could NOT be the correct marriage

If her parents were George BARTON and Rebecca FORGE, then Chris is probably
correct again - she arrived with her parents and siblings on the Chowringhee
in 1852.

If her parents are as above, Mary Ann was actually born in Poslingford,
Suffolk, England, as were her siblings and father. Her mother was born in
Hundon, Suffolk. As Mary Ann was only 5 when she arrived and Henry was born
in Geelong, Liverpool probably sounds as good a place as any - they may not
have known where Mary Ann was born? Of course the index could be incorrect
and you will only find what is on the REGISTERED version as opposed to the
original version - not the same document - by purchasing that certificate!
($17.50 on-line). Reg 981 in 1878. NOTE: it is possible that the marriage
occurred in 1877 and was registered in 1878.

Of course, all the above depends on your answers to the questions.

Regards ...... Susie Z

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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Henry Hewle(i)tt OSBORNE born Geelong 18/11/1856

Hi Chris
Thanks for your time again Chris but info is not related to the correct
person . I have the 'original' Wedding Certificate and although it states
Henry OSBORNE was born in Geelong (and this is well documented), the Birth
space for Mary Ann is empty of information. They were married at Gunbower
at the home of Mary Ann's parents John BARTON and Mary Louisa nee WEBBER. I

know further information but not related to the Geelong list.

Thanks again
Auckland NZ

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