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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Henry Hewle(i)tt OSBORNE born Geelong 18/11/1856
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 13:13:48 +1100
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Hi again Sandra,

I missed your ??? re Castlemaine.

Castlemaine is the registration district - perhaps the birth was registered
some time after the birth and they had moved on?? The geographical Mt
Ararat is some distance south west of Castlemaine. Of course it could be
the name of a property or "local" name for a place closer to Castlemaine.

Regards .......... Susie Z

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Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Henry Hewle(i)tt OSBORNE born Geelong 18/11/1856

Hi Suzie, thanks so much for your response.
I'm afraid of straying too far off the Geelong list here....... :-))

Yes, the children you state are correct for Henry H and Mary Ann, with also
my grandfather Leslie George OSBORNE born in Cohuna 1886

Original Certificate of Marriage of Henry Hewlett OSBORNE to Mary Ann BARTON

is for 13 February 1878 by License Baptist Denomination
It states parents as: John BARTON Selector and Mary Louisa BARTON (nee
Mary Ann's age states 21 which makes her born in abt 1857?
I have found some hardcopy here which states Ann born 1857 in Castlemaine
(3273)??? Is this correct I wonder again?

..........I have just purchased a copy of Mary Ann BARTON's birth
certificate online and she was born at Mt Ararat 4 November 1856
(F) John Hudson BARTON born in Liverpool England 1823 and (M) Mary Louisa
WEBBER born Portsmouth, England 1833

Thank you to all who tried to help me :-))

Auckland NZ

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