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From: "Barbara OConnor" <>
Subject: Re: [GEELONG] Emma Knell [Peterson]
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 20:24:43 +1000
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Hi Jocie,

Only too happy to help out. But I hope you get a certificate or two from NZ
to confirm that it is your Emma.

Now my turn .. every home should have one, and probably does.

I don't suppose you might have an Athol Charles Lock/e (spelling varied),
Hairdresser/Barber, who 'married' Lucy Alice Rich.

Lucy was born in Wickham, Newcastle in 1902, family moved to Wyong a few
years later. I've been told Lucy was a bit of a scamp and ran away from
home at an early age.

Athol and Lucy come to light in Queensland but no marriage (not in NZ
either). Perhaps she or Athol had a prior committment. I can't find any
birth registration for Athol.

Not connected by any chance?


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