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From: Pam & Trevor Jennings <>
Subject: Re: [GEELONG] 1852 Joshua ineligible immigrants
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 10:35:59 +1000
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Hi Ada - I was cleaning out a box of material given to the Geelong
Family History Group many years ago by the late Beth Blackall. She
collected lots of things mainly on Geelong Irish. Unfortunately she did
not label these two pages that were stapled together.

I have also come across a huge amount of material she copied from Series
115 which I suspect is VPRS 115 but I am yet to go though these and see
what they contain. With a quick glance through these, I see nothing like
this list BUT many of the immigrants named have various comments against

kind regards, Pam
On 27/06/2011 10:14 AM, Ada Ackerly wrote:
> Very interesting, Pam.
> First, how did you come by the photocopy? Just sent as a curiosity or
> purposely collected?
> I remember looking at applications to bring out nominated immigrants to
> be prepaid from Victoria, early 1850s.
> The chap was a blacksmith with family, age given was 50. the note was
> "persons with a trade not eligible, too old".
> A later application for the same chap, now an Ag lab, now aged 45, all
> children's ages reduced, including wife. "application accepted". BUT
> both applications have been preserved, so it could be that some enquiry
> was made, and, at the time I didn't follow up to see if the chap
> actually arrived. This was, I think, either in VPRS 115 or 116, where
> there are dozens of filled out applications.
> Regards Ada
> On 26/06/2011 2:48 PM, Pam& Trevor Jennings wrote:
>> Hi everyone - we often hear about immigrants stating wrong ages and that
>> they were all agricultural labourers, well here is some proof that
>> Immigration Agents were obviously investigating some claims!
>> This is a letter 9 March 1852 from an Immigration Agent to the
>> Immigration Office in Melbourne with these names attached. It is a
>> photocopied file (from PROV) but unfortunately no VPRS (other than 52/63
>> - which presumably is the year and the file number) to know where it
>> has come from.
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