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From: "Simon & Judy Brown" <>
Subject: [GEELONG] Expo from a first timer and a Huge thankyou!
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 13:06:11 +1000

Last weekend I experienced something I had never done before - I went to an Unlock the past Expo annd Wow what an experiene.
If you ever get the chance to go don't think about it ....Do it, let everybody take care of themselves for the weekend, you deserve it, and if you can wait till it comes around wait until it comes back to Geelong with Susie, Pam et al. from the Geelong region as their stall and the friendly faces do make a difference.

The presentations are incredible and not at all as daunting as first times (myself included) may think. The information is all there and I have taken so many notes to follow up, although they have given us details of where to find their talks on the web for future reference. The presentations are not dry and dull but entertaining and helpful they use their own research quite often to illustrate how to do something so it easy to follow.
I booked in for 4 presentations before I went and Simon booked in for 3, but we booked in for a couple more when we found how great they were. Simon hasn't transcribed his notes (read scribble) yet, but we would talk about what we had learned in our lunch break and each on the way home in the car.

Highlights of the weekend for me were:
a.. meeting a woman who is a "cousin" from Birchip who I have been trying to track down since Christmas.
b.. Helen Smith filled in when another presenter had to cancel she presented "Breaking down Brickwalls" which although giving no concrete answer of where your ancestor was, made us look at common errors and clarify what we were possibly skimming over when looking at information and documents. I loved it as this is how I had found one of my ancestors by getting out old evidence and re examining it and following the new evidence, but why don't I do it with others. She also talked what was Primary and Secondary documents which confuses a lot of people.
c.. Susie's Sewrage Records presentation. I wasn't going to go to this one but then I heard everyone talking about it at the expo - so I just HAD to go. Well boy was it worth it who knew that so much information could be buried in a pile of well lets say "excretement". I was transfixed - not by the toilet humour but by the amount of information that is available. I bought the book and Susie autographed it so now I have all the info at hand. So I went home and had to be torn away from the computer to go to bed as I started going through my family records loooking for their sewerage files. Oh Susie I'll be down in the sewers for months, years....what have you done to me.
d.. Pam giving Simon some retirement advice. LOL But it has helped inspire him.
I'd like to thank everyone from Geelong district for such a wonderful Expo and from what I heard from other visitors everyone thought it was great. We met one couple having coffee who came down from Melb for the day they had spent 2 hrs so far just at the exhibits and didn't know how anyone could fit in the presentations as well.

Judy Brown

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