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From: Jan Newcombe <>
Subject: New Lister's Interests
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:30:45 +1200

Dear List Members
I hope there is someone lurking out there who may be interested in the same families as I am. They are:-
a.. First sighting of Gard'ner Davidson in Australia was in 1853 - Unassisted Inward Passenger to Victoria was Gardner Davidson (38yrs) and his son John who arrived on the "Mobile"
b.. Second sighting was in 1856 - Gardner Davidson went back to Scotland to pick up his wife and 2 daughters. They all sailed back on the "Morning Light" in September 1856 along with William Davidson (27yrs). Again they were unassisted.
c.. Next came the marriage of daughters Elizabeth to William WILSON and Martha to William LEACH on the same day, 9 February 1860 at Blackhills, Ballarat West. They were miners. William Leach was born in Manchester, England and Elizabeth Davidson in Crichton and Martha Davidson in Newbattle, Midlothian, Scotland.
d.. Then came the birth of Charlotte Mary LEACH (Reg.1862 No.267 Ball) then her burial on 29 January (Old Ballarat Cemetery Register).
e.. Then came the birth of Helena Sarah LEACH in 1863 (Ballarat 1863 Reg No.489).
f.. In 1866 William LEACH was to be Postmaster at Paroa, on the West Coast (South Island) NZ.
g.. The older Davidsons and the children and their families all came to New Zealand and stayed.
So, the DAVIDSONS originated from Midlothian and I know that other relatives went to Australia as well, but I don't know who! The LEACHS family originated from Manchester and William's parents were Robert Leach and Mary Atkinson (Merchants).

I have quite a bit more information to hand, but won't confuse the issue any further, as it's bad enough already. I would love to know where they mined, where they lived and in what sort of conditions. The family from way back say that quite a bit of money was made, but while Gardner was in Scotland picking up the female members of the family, John the teenage son was left behind in Ballarat under the watchful eye of the Presbyterian Minister, but, unfortunately he embezzled the money left in trust. They had to start again, which they did and managed reasonably well.

I do hope to hear from someone, but if not, I'm sure the List will be very informative about the life and times of the miners and their families.

Kindest regards to all
Jan Newcombe (Canterbury NZ)

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