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From: Peter Lakeman <>
Subject: Re: arnold - arnolds bridge?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:29:24 +1100
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Hello David and Tom H,

According to Blake's "Place Names of Victoria", the entry for Arnold is -
"Old goldfield NE of Dunolly discovered by William and David Arnold about
1854; district first called Arnold's Rush, then Kangadaraar Creek, then
Arnold's Bridge 1892, Arnold 1920."

So, yes they are the same place.

With reference to the Arnold Bridge near Portland mentioned on the
Geoscience website at, that is the name of
an actual bridge and not the name of a town/location, so disregard this one.




>Hi David
>It appears they may be two different locations.
>More correctly Arnold is listed as a location and Arnolds Bridge as
>a bridge. Funny about that.
>If you go to this site and enter
>Arnold in the search box it will bring up quite a list of Arnold
>variations. Each will give its exact location. Arnold is due west of
>Bendigo and close by, whilst Arnolds Bridge is down Portland way
>in the western district.
>Tom Hickey.
>(see Ron that is how you answer a query from someone who is quite sure
>how to do it. Took me all of two minutes at the most)
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>Subject: arnold - arnolds bridge?
>Hello Vic Gold Listers,
>could someone tell me if Arnold and Arnolds Bridge are the same place?
>David Symes

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