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Subject: Immigrant Ship "Chance" 1852.
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Dear List

I am re-posting some queries on my McCOLL and McINTYRE families, in the hope
that some other list members may have connections to these families. (The
story is going to be rather long-winded, with just a few specific questions,
so my apologies for this in advance).

The McColl family arrived in Victoria aboard the 'Chance' on 26 October
1852. Donald McColl, his spouse Isabella (nee McIntyre), and their children
were amongst the (mainly) Government Scottish immigrants on this ship. The
'Chance's' sister ship the 'Hope' arrived at much the same time. Both had
sailed from Liverpool, England.

Donald McColl had been a 'gamekeeper and crofter of 5 acres' at Lochnell,
Ardchattan, Argyleshire, (as recorded in the 1841 and 1851 Census).

Donald and Isabella were married at Lochnell House, Ardchattan in 1835.
Isabella was from Ardachy. Some of Isabella's siblings immigrated to
Australia as early as 1837; eventually settling in the Branxholme area of
the Western District of Victoria, and naming their property 'Ardachy' after
their home in Scotland.

It is the years following Donald and Isabella's immigration to Australia
where most of the gaps in my research exist.

A NOTICE in the Argus on 15 November 1852 stated . "Immigrant Ship Chance.
The preliminary inspection of the ship will be concluded this day, and the
immigrants will be open for engagement on board on Monday the 15th inst. At
10.00am. Edward Grimes, Immigration Agent, Immigration Office, Melbourne".

A further NOTICE in the Argus on 4 December 1852 stated . "The remaining
immigrants by the ships Hope and Chance, to the number of ten families, will
be open for engagement in the married couples depot, This Day, at 10.00am.
Signed: Edward Grimes, Immigration Agent, Immigration Office, Melbourne".

Question 1 . Does anyone know of any records that may exist to show the
first few years of employment of these immigrants? (The information was not
listed on the 'Chance's' shipping record for this family - although it was
for many others).

Isabella McColl (nee McIntyre) died 22 months later in 1854, aged 45 years.
Isabella's death certificate states she died from 'disease of the heart'.
The informant was her husband Donald McColl, who was 'present at death'.

Question 2 . I am having difficulty reading the place of Isabella's death;
it looks like 'Phillipstown' or 'Phillipstone' in the District of Melbourne.
Can anyone advise where this is please? Also, the burial details are
completely blank, so this is the third question . Where is Isabella likely
to be buried?

Most of Donald and Isabella's children were married in the Ullina or Smeaton
area. Their spouse's surnames were: McIntyre, McKinnon, McKenzie,
Houliston, Anderson (the Smeaton flour and saw-milling family), plus one son
who did not marry, and another who died young.

The particular line I am most interested in thereafter is Peter McColl, who
married another McIntyre - Jessie McIntyre (who arrived in Point Henry,
Geelong, with her family in 1852, aboard the 'Flora'). Peter and Jessie
were married in Candover Street, Geelong in 1873. The marriage certificate
states Peter was a shepherd at Bullarook. Their first three children were
born at Geelong, the next two at Smeaton.

Donald McColl died at Smeaton in 1880, aged 77 years; he is buried in the
Creswick Cemetery.
Peter McColl died at Smeaton in 1911, aged 71 years; he is buried in the
Smeaton Cemetery.
Jessie McColl died in the Creswick District Hospital in 1921, aged 75 years;
she is buried in the Smeaton Cemetery.

Unfortunately, I have very little information from the time of the family's
arrival in 1852 until c1873. If anyone is connected to this family, can
help with early employment records, or assist with my questions, I very much
look forward to hearing from them.

Thank you.
Sue (nee McColl)

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