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From: Tom Woolman <>
Subject: Re: Clunes &Talbot History
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 04:11:02 +1100

Hi Trevor (and List)

In looking for information related to your document, have you tried the
Clunes William Barkell Memorial Arts & Historic Centre Inc. which operates
as the Historical Society for the Clunes area. They seem a pretty
organised bunch. I am always impressed when I go there. And if you can hang
on until May to make a visit, the Book Fair is
wonderful, though it's so busy you mightn't get much sense from the Museum
on that day!

Seeing you've included Talbot in your title, might also be able to help.

On a vaguely related matter, I notice that that the Federation of Australian
Historical Societies e-Bulletin No. 79 - 27 February 2011 includes the
following "big picture" article about the role of Wikipedia - which in some
ways is the roneod material of the future (without the rusted staples).

"Connections between history and Wikipedia

As *Wikipedia* became a mainstream source of information, the editing
community of Wikipedia and the information professionals in the cultural
sector [galleries, libraries, archives and museums - GLAMs] have come to an
uneasy truce and acceptance of it and developed a partnership.

Liam Wyatt wrote his history thesis on "The academic lineage of Wikipedia:
connections and disconnections in the theory and practice of
for which he was awarded the University of New South Wales University
Medalfor History. In it he argued that the knowledge sector had more
in common
with *Wikipedia's* originating principles and current practices than either
admitted and there would be great benefit if the two communities could be
brought together.

Seeking to implement his theory Liam requested of GLAMs nationally and
internationally the chance to volunteer as *Wikipedian in Residence*. All
Australian institutions demurred but the British Museum agreed. The
resulting residency project <>;
produced good quality collaboration (with better content on *Wikipedia* and
increased visibility for the British Museum) and spurred a global movement
of GLAMs requesting to bring *Wikipedia* in-house. Liam has now been appointed
by the Wikimedia Foundation as Cultural Partnerships
to help build strong relationships with the GLAM sector globally.

Liam Wyatt gave an Innovative Ideas talk on the topic at National Library on
11 February 2011.

(Source: – 7 February 2011)"

Regards to all, Tom

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