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July 3, 1914
The first meeting of the Minimay and Goroke teams for the season took place at Minimay on Saturday last, this being the third game of the Border Football Competition. After a pleasant and friendly, but strenuous game, Minimay won, with a total of 6 goals and 3 behinds, to Goroke's 1 goal 4 behinds. Both clubs put strong teams into the field, although the visitors were without the services of one or two regular players.
A. CRAIG captained the visitors and M. MORONEY acted in that capacity for the locals. The visiting captain, winning the toss, took advantage of the wind, which blew from the North, but, after a hard fought quarter, Goroke only succeeded in kicking two minors. In the second quarter, Minimay, having the wind, raised the two flags twice, and single flag twice, hence the oranges score was Minimay 2 goals 2 bhds, Goroke 2 bhds. In the third quarter the visitors again made it lively, but the locals were strong in defence, and when time was called they had only added 2 points to their score, the score then being, Minimay, 2 goals 2 points, Goroke 4 points ; these figures, however, showing an equal number of shots. The final quarter was very interesting and exciting, though at times good football was spoilt by too much crowding on the ball, but both teams were out for a win.
Although the visitors scored a goal against the wind, Minimay added 4 goals, 1 point, to their score, and when the final bell rang the scores read, Minimay 6 goals 3 behinds ; Goroke 1 goal 4 behinds.
There was a large number of spectators, both teams having a good backing, and it was almost generally agreed that the match was one of the most interesting that had ever been played on the Minimay ground. Mr. Ted MILLER gave satisfaction as central umpire, his decisions being well received by both teams. Messrs. Geo. ROBINSON and E. CROSS gave complete satisfaction as goal umpires.
It was a difficult task to pick out the best players, as there were a number on both sides who did yeoman service for their respective teams, but probably the most conspicuous were for Minimay, P. WILLIS, W. MORONEY (capt), BLACKSELL, G. O'CONNOR, B. BURNS, W. CALLAGHAN, P. STEPHENS, B. LAVERY, and E. STEHN, while C. WONG, D. NEILL, T. CARRACHER and D. BLACKSELL also rendered valuable assistance ; and for the visitors, BAILEY (3), G. WALKER, A. CRAIG, J. McBEAN, W. BELL, E. RUTH, L. PARSONS, D. KIELY, H. WALKER and J. CARRACHER did the bulk of the work. At the conclusion of the match the visitors were entertained at tea by the local club, Mrs. C. WONG catering in her accustomed first class style.

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