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Subject: [AUS-WA] *** Help Wanted: W/Aust Monday April 2 ***
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 11:35:39 +0800

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G'day ALL.

Here's the Can You Help? column from Monday's West Australian.

* The photograph mentioned in the first article can be scanned and forwarded
as a PRIVATE attachment to any chatterer who is interstate or overseas and
unable to get access to the West Australian newspaper.

* Two of our fellow chatterers get their turn in the limelight this week -

-- Shelley Standley from Perth, WA got her ALLEN-ALLAN article published!

-- Collen Dunk from Salisbury, SA finally got her MARTIN/MALONEY submission
in print!

* While you're at it, also take note of the various military groups and
associations which get a mention in the VETERANS: and ANZAC DAY: sections:

... our chatterer who recently asked about the CATRALINA SQUADRONS which
served in WA during the war should check out the spot devoted to them in
the Anzac Day section ... a well placed word with the organiser mentioned
in the article could put him on the right track for more info and help him
solve his mystery.

Keep sm:)ing, ROB!!

"Rob Nelson, Perth WA" <e mailto:>
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Saturdays as a free service. Send your requests to:

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Fax (08) 9482 3830.
Phone (08) 9482 3382 (Mon-Fri).
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CAN YOU HELP: Monday 2/4/2001 (The West Australian, p. 28)

PHOTO: FAMILY TABLEAU: This interesting photograph from a family collection
is a mystery. It was probably taken in Geraldton-Nabawa, around the turn of
the century. The faces are not clear, but perhaps other readers have a copy
of the same photo and could shed some light on its origin. Contact: Phyllys
Donald, 43 Coops Avenue, Thornlie 6108. Telephone (08) 9493 0479.

ALLEN-ALLAN: Descendants and relatives of Wilhelmina Allen, who was born in
Kalgoorlie in 1902, are sought by family members. Wilhelmina was the daughter
of William James Allen and Annie Pillinger. William died in 1905 and was
buried in Boulder and it is not known whether Annie remarried and changed her
surname. William was first married to Jane Trevelyan and they had children in
Sandhurst and Bendigo before moving to Menzies/Boulder. Contact: Shelley
Standley, 15 Derwent Crescent, Success 6164. Telephone (08) 9414 5420.
E-mail: < >.

BOOK WANTED: A copy of the book "Your Family Tree Connections", by Dr Chris
Reading, is sought. Contact: Ted, (08) 9458 8475.

BRADSHAW: William Amos Bradshaw married Eleanor (Ellen) Kidd in Beverley on
October 3, 1865. Their children were born at York: William Charles (1863),
Edwin (1865), Mary Eleanor (1868), Amos Edwin (1869), John Henry (1871),
Sarah Matilda (Mekalia, 1874). William's second marriage was to Mary Ann
Donovan on November 14, 1883 in York. Their children were William (1883),
Ethel Maude May (1884), Violet Mabel (1886), Alexander Richard (1888), George
Amos (1889), and Vinetta Mary Ellen (1895). Descendants are sought for family
history by the daughter of Alice Irene Bradshaw. Contact: Doreen Waldon
(Arnold), telephone (08) 9593 8304. E-mail: < >.

BRIGHTON HOTEL: Does anyone know the whereabouts of the family who ran the
Brighton Hotel at the corner of Airlie Street and Stirling Highway during the
1940s? Contact: Bob Ryan, 4 Guy Place, Melville 6156. Telephone (08)
9330 3804.

COLWILL: Relatives of a Mr Frank Colwill are sought. Frank was English,
single and resident in Malaya before the Japanese invasion. He boarded the
SS Gorgon in Sydney on January 9, 1942 and sailed to Singapore via Fremantle
and Java. Somehow he became mixed up with the 2/4th machine gunners at Changi
Gaol. He died of beri-beri on June 17, 1945, and is buried at Kranji War
Cemetery Singapore as "Sgt Colwill 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion age 50". His
parents were Emanuel and Elizabeth of England but Frank also had a sister in
Perth, a Mrs Wallace living in Newcastle Street. If this mystery can be
solved it can then be decided if Frank should be included or at least
mentioned in the forthcoming book about this battalion, the "Colour Patch".
Contact: Murray Ewen, 20 Williams Road, Melville 6156. Telephone (08)
9331 5954. E-mail: < >.

COOMBS: Information is sought on behalf of an English relative about his
great-grandmother, Rosina Coombs, who emigrated to Australia from Jersey
about 1892-96. Her sister married a Mr Delamere and emigrated about the same
time. Rosina had a son, Victor Coombs. Contact: Irene Herry, telephone (08)
9401 0102. E-mail: < >.

DANGIN'S HISTORY: Dangin will be celebrating 100 years as a town in 2002.
Organisers are seeking any information (photographs, newspaper items,
anecdotes) relating to the early days. Contact: Vincent Hadlow, PO Box 91,
Quairading 6383. Telephone (08) 9646 6203. E-mail < >

HARRIS: The family of Fanny J. Harris, who lived at 32 Francisco Street,
South Fremantle in 1915, are sought. She had a lodger, Martin Pope, a young
Scottish seaman. The family of Martin Pope are seeking information about his
early life in Fremantle. Contact: Betty Buckingham, (08) 9390 6559.

HEDGES: Mr M.J. Hedges took mining photographs at Bullfinch in 1910. He was
last known to live in Tuart Hill and any descendants are asked to respond.
Contact: Ron Reid, (08) 9419 1018. E-mail: < >.

HANRAHAN: Descendants of Edmund Hanrahan of Ballarat, Victoria, and in
particular his sons Patrick, William, and Edwin who came to WA in the 1880s,
to work in the timber industry, are invited to a family reunion to be held in
Kings Park on Easter Saturday, April 14. Meet at Rotunda 2 (near the old
naval guns in the water gardens). Bring your own picnic lunch, drinks, and
chairs, and any old family photos. Contact: Rebecca, mobile 0419 694 216; or
Mike, 0408 890 440. E-mail: < >.

KAMBALDA LAND YACHTING: The Kambalda Tourist Bureau is endeavouring to
establish a land yacht museum and display. Anyone claiming ownership of land
yachts left at the clubhouse on Lake Lefroy, or who has memorabilia they
would like to donate or lend, is asked to respond. Contact: Kambalda Tourist
Bureau, PO Box 325, Kambalda West 6444. Telephone (08) 9027 0192. E-mail:
< >.

HIGGINS: Any information is sought about Francis Charles "Cosh" Higgins for
inclusion in a book being written on the Higgins family. Frank is known to
have lived at 39 Victoria Street, Kalgoorlie, until his death in 1955. He is
believed to have worked in Kalgoorlie for the WAGR. Children: Eva Emma (Brown
of Narrogin), Winifred Amy (possibly Kellow of South Australia), and Eric
Douglas Francis who lived in the Pilbara. Contact: John Francis, PO Box 7,
Newman 6753. E-mail: < >.

KOOKYNIE-NIAGARA: The writer is compiling a history of the Kookynie-Niagara
district. Stories and photographs are sought. Contact: Ian Murray, 25 Lowther
Terrace, Nollamara 6061.Phone (08) 9349 4533. E-mail: < >

IMMIGRANT SHIPS: The writer is compiling books on the following immigrant
ships which brought early ancestors to Queensland. She would like to hear
stories about pioneers who were passengers on the Scottish Hero, Earl
Granville, Maulesden, and Scottish Wizard. Contact: Pennie Manderson, 87
Tooley Street, Maryborough, Qld 4650. E-mail: < >.

McINTYRE: Information is sought about descendants of enrolled pensioner
Daniel McIntyre and his wife Jane White. Their children were John, James,
Mary and Jane Elizabeth. James married Caroline Coker in 1866 (children: Amy
Elizabeth, Jane Maria, James, John, James, William, George, and Julia), Mary
married three times (Peter Rourke 1865, James Woods 1874, Edward Mowbray
circa 1882), and Jane Elizabeth married Thomas Hudson in 1874. Contact:
Jeanette Lee, 8 Rive Place, Thornlie 6108. Telephone (08) 9459 3280. E-mail:
< >.

McMILLAN: Sisters Barbara and Laurel McMillan (maiden name) are sought by
their cousin to complete a family tree. They are the daughters of Bill and
Win McMillan. Contact: Margaret Thomas (nee Foskett), 30 Edgewater Road,
Safety Bay 6169. Telephone (08) 9527 5969.

MARTIN/MALONEY: Mary Elizabeth Martin came to Perth from Victoria about 1898
with her two older sisters, Bridget Delia and Mary Augustine (Cis), and their
aunts and uncles. Mary married Gerald Maloney and they had six children
(John, Thomas, William, James, May, and Bridget), and her sisters married
into the Dougal and Migro families. Descendants and relatives are sought.
Contact: Colleen Dunk, 179 Park Terrace, Salisbury, SA 5108. Telephone (08)
8250 4893. E-mail: < >.

MGB ROADSTER: Information would be appreciated on the fate of an MGB. The
car, a 1967 MGB Roadster, British racing green, was bought by Kerry Phelan in
August 1968 from Berryman's in South Perth. It was registered UPY 653 and it
is thought that the previous owner was Bob Swift, of Cottesloe. The car was
sold in 1970. Contact: Bill Smart, 6 Albion Rise, Australind 6233. Phone (08)
9725 8097; or Kerry Phelan, (02) 9488 7343.

MERKANOOKA FOOTBALL: Would anyone have a team photograph of the original
Merkanooka Football Club from the Morawa Shire, circa 1934-36? Contact: Kathy
Samulkiewicz, PO Box 26, Dongara 6525. Phone (08) 9927 2256. E-mail:
< >.

O'CONNOR: Information is sought from descendants of Isabella Elizabeth
Wallace (or Wallas) and John P. O'Connor. Known children: Elizabeth (born
1889), Edith May Lavinia (1891), and Lillian Violet Grace (1900). Isabella
died in childbirth in 1902. Contact: Denis Edwards, telephone (08) 9228 9942.
E-mail: < >.

OCTOGENARIAN TEACHERS: Any retired teacher who is over 80, or who will turn
80 this year, is eligible to attend the Retired Teachers Association's
morning tea given in May each year to honour these teachers. To put your name
(or someone else's) on the invitation mailing list, please respond as soon as
possible. Contact: Gretchen Forrest, 75 Beach Street, Bicton 6157. Telephone
(08) 9339 2732.

OLSSON-OLSEN: Old letters to the writer's grandmother from "cousins" in the
West were signed by "Ruth and Clara" in 1940-41. They lived at 22 Ethel
Street, North Perth, and the postal directories for 1931 and 1944 show that
Ruth Olsson/Olsen lived at that address. Ruth and Clara also mentioned a
Carrie (Caroline), and Samuel John Paull in Bendigo, Victoria. Any
information which readers can provide about this family would be appreciated.
Contact: Phyllis Toy, 3 Beebe Street, Bendigo, Vic 3550. Telephone (03)
5443 6595. E-mail: < >.

PALMER: The family of Socrates and Annie Elizabeth (Bess) Palmer are sought
for family history. They were married in Perth in 1908 and had three
daughters including Tess (born 1912), and Lillian (1914). Contact: Donald
Paterson, 92 Chester Road, Tawa, Wellington, NZ. E-mail:
< >.

PARKER: Barry Parker of Geraldton, son of William Henry Alfred Parker
(1898-1969), would appreciate hearing from other family members, namely
relatives of Stanley Leonard Parker, Dorothy May Parker, and Joy Parker.
Contact: Barry Parker, (08) 9921 6841.

QUIN-QUINN: Descendants of Robert Quin, a government surveyor who arrived in
WA in 1863, are sought. Robert's first wife died not long after their arrival
in WA and he later married Sarah Ann York in Gingin in 1867. They had five
children. Sarah died in 1875 and Robert married her sister, Martha, in 1877,
and they had three children. Where are the children born to Robert William
Quin (son of his first marriage) and Sarah Moore, who were married in 1876?
Also, Sarah Ellen who married William Brown, Katie (Hamilton Parsons), Lena
(John Smith), and Annie Vera (Vic Walton)? Contact: Bob Quin, PO Box 487,
Northam 6401. Phone (08) 9574 2781.

ROBSON: John George Robson was born in Brazil about 1841 and arrived in
Melbourne in 1853 with his parents and other members of his family. He
married Jane Ann Renfry Hosking in Victoria in 1872 and they had eight
children (six daughters and two sons). John was involved in the gold mining
industry and died in Boulder, WA in 1905. Are there any descendants living in
WA? Contact: Stephanie Dew, 5/1A Girvan Grove, Point Lonsdale, Vic 3225.

RUTHERFORD: The writer is researching John W. Rutherford and Elizabeth Burton
who were married in Busselton in 1860. Children: Emma (1860), Susan (1861),
John Thomas (1863), George (1865), Michael (1867), Elizabeth (1869), Robert
and Mary (1872), William (1874), and Margaret (1878). Contact: Kevin Wulff,
3 Pindari Road, City Beach 6015. Telephone (08) 9385 9733. E-mail:
< >.

WAGIN DOCTORS: The Wagin Historical Village has a 1920s building that was
used as an orderlies' house in the grounds of the Wagin Hospital. This has
been moved to the Historical Village and is going to display old medical
paraphernalia and the history of the region's hospital and its doctors.
Anyone who has connections with any doctor or nurse who practised in Wagin
from the late 1800s onwards is asked to respond. Particularly looking for
stories and photographs for display. Contact: Glenys Ball, Post Office Box
27, Wagin 6315. Telephone (08) 9861 1360. Fax 9861 1960.


"Eggs-a-Cook: The story of the 44th Battalion. War as the Digger Fought it",
by Captain C. Longmore, is sought. The writer's father is mentioned in the
book but it is now out of print. Contact: Beryl, (08) 9343 2430.

"Red Alert, South East London, 1939-45", published by the author Lewis Blake
in 1982, is sought to buy or borrow. Contact: Mrs P. Smith, (08) 9339 1582.

VETERANS: EDA veterans: All EDA recipients and their partners and carers are
warmly invited to attend the general meeting of the society to be held at the
Cityplace Community Centre, Perth Railway Station (upper level) on April 4 at
9.45am. Contact: Aurelie Bergin, (08) 9402 2043. E-mail:
< >.

VETERANS: 22 Construction Sqn RAE: The annual reunion will be held at the
Ryan Club, 13 Field Sqn Karrakatta this Friday, April 6 commencing with an
"opening of the bar" ceremony at 4pm. If you served with 22 Sqn in any
capacity you are welcome. Come along and find out what is planned for the 22
Collection at the Army Museum and have your say on a memorial at the RAE
Precinct. Catch up on Corps matters such as the new Vietnam Memorial at SME
and Anzac Day. Meal at 7pm. Contact: Nev Clark (08) 9342 5808.

ANZAC DAY: Nedlands Pre-Anzac Day Service Members of the Nedlands RSL
sub-branch, other RSL members and the public are invited to a Pre-Anzac Day
Schools Memorial Service to be held at the Birdwood Parade, Dalkeith memorial
on Wednesday, April 11 at 9am. Local primary schools in Hollywood, Nedlands,
Dalkeith and John XXIII will take part, with Year 9 student Tobias Young,
from Ocean Reef Prendiville Catholic College, giving the address on
Gallipoli. Tobias was the State's winner in the national 2001 Simpson Prize.
Inquiries: Doug Arrowsmith, (08) 9387 4317.

ANZAC DAY: 2/28th Infantry Battalion and 24th A/Tank Co. Association: A
service will be held at the unit's memorial in Kings Park at 7am. Those
intending to join the march this year are advised to assemble at the corner
of St Georges Terrace and Pier Street at 9.30am (family members to wear
deceased veterans' medals on the right breast). Flag-bearing cadets will
commemorate the fall of 28th Battalion veterans in two world wars. Contact:
P. Toovey, (08) 9387 1923.

ANZAC DAY: 2/43rd Battalion: The after-march luncheon will be held at the
Victoria League Club, corner Onslow Road and King Street, Shenton Park (you
may leave your car there before the march and be transported to and from the
city). Partners and non-marchers are welcome to remain at the club and view
the march on TV while having a cup of tea. Arrive at the club no later than
9.30am. Contact: John Lenton, (08) 9243 7200, or Wally Hughes, 9337 2088.

ANZAC DAY: No.25 (City of Perth) Squadron, RAAF: The annual reunion will be
held at the WA Fire and Rescue headquarters, Hay Street east, starting at
noon. Contact: Bruce Weber, (08) 9377 2103. E-mail: < >.

ANZAC DAY: Australian Gulf War Veterans and Peace Keepers Association: All
Gulf war and peacekeeping operations veterans with qualifying service are
invited to take part on Anzac Day and march with the association under their
banner. Contact: David Wallington, (08) 9453 9755. E-mail:
< >.

ANZAC DAY: Catalina squadrons: All past members of the four Catalina
squadrons (11, 20, 42, and 43) plus the five air sea rescue flights, are
invited to march on Anzac Day in Perth under the Catalina banner. Also
welcome are former members of American and overseas Catalina groups, and, if
interested, those who operated in those RAAF squadrons after they changed to
Neptune or Orion aircraft. Form up in St Georges Terrace, near Irwin Street.
Contact: Fred Robins, (08) 9330 4220.

ANZAC DAY: Malaya and Borneo Region veterans: NMBVA veterans of any military,
police, public, auxiliary and/or ancillary service of any era, including all
East Timor service - and any of their relatives - are invited to march with
the association behind their banner this Anzac Day. Contact: Paddy Bacskai,
(08) 9401 0041.

ANZAC DAY: RAAF Airfield squadrons: All ex-RAAF MWU, MWS, and ACS members are
advised that this year they will be marching in Perth on Anzac Day under
their own banner - leading up to their 60th anniversary next year. A
get-together will be held after the march at Mounts Bay Sailing Club for
lunch and drinks. All ex-members, wives, partners and descendants are very
welcome. Cost: $20 a person. Must have numbers by this Friday (April 6).
Contact: Phil Rowles, (08) 9382 1275 (mobile 0412 093 839), or Eric Graham
9401 8808 and Ray Smith 9582 5102.

ANZAC DAY: RAAF Vietnam Veterans Association WA: All RAAF Vietnam veterans
are invited to march in the city on Anzac Day. Look for the banner about
opposite Anzac House. Form up 9am, then afterwards at Romany's Restaurant,
188 William Street (just across the Horseshoe Bridge, parking at rear off
James Street). Contact: Peter Robinson, (08) 9409 7299.

ANZAC DAY: RAEME 17 Construction Squadron Workshop - Vietnam Association: The
association will again be parading the unit banner. Members who served with
the unit are requested to attend the parade and then join the reunion
afterwards at City Hotel, corner King and Murray streets, Perth. Form-up
point in St Georges Terrace, near Council House from 9.30am for move-off at
10am. Contact: Merv Flanders, (08) 9472 3227, or Ray Firth, 9497 3081.
E-mail: < >.

ANZAC DAY: Royal Australian Survey Corps Association: All ex-Association,
Field Survey Corps members are invited to attend the march and the reunion
afterwards, to be held at Irwin Barracks, Karrakatta. Contact: Ray Sargeant,
(08) 9448 5787.

ANZAC DAY: WRAAF 1951-77: All ex-WRAAF personnel are required to march on
Anzac Day as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. Assemble in St
Georges Terrace, near Anzac House, at 9am. Contact: Lyn Morrison, (08)
9351 8269.

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