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From: "Jan and Bob Grant" <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 20:02:06 +1000
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Hello David and others interested in the below mentioned cemeteries.

As you have noted in your email the Shires of Junee and Temora hold copies
of the Monumental Inscriptions for these cemeteries published by Family
History Societies. Between them, the Wagga Society, the Heraldry & Genealogy
Society of Canberra and the Temora FHS have either published or hold
complete transcripts of all of the cemeteries that you have mentioned.

I have submitted to the Cemeteries List, all of the cemeteries either
published or for which HAGSOC holds transcripts and you will see these
notated as such on the pages. For those cemeteries where transcripts are
held we offer a look-up service, advertised on our front page at under Services and those published are advertised
on the publications page. Wagga FHS similarly list their publications on
their website at

HAGSOC also has an extensive collection of photos of most cemeteries for
which transcripts are held and offer these photos for sale for a small fee.

Jan Grant

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> Hi Folks;
> Just spent a long (4 day) weekend at Junee and Temora and as well as
> going to the monthly 2 day weekend flying display at the Temora Aviation
> Museum, I managed to visit some of the cemeteries.
> There are a number of cemeteries administered by the Shire of Junee and
> they hold the burial records and a copy of some of the memorial
> inscriptions published by family history groups. They are:
> * Junee Cemetery,
> * Original Junee Cemetery (an old, small, pioneer cemetery now closed),
> * Old Junee Cemetery (Note that this is not the "old" Junee Cemetery but
> the cemetery for the township of Old Junee.
> * Illabo Cemetery,
> * Bethungra Cemetery,
> * Mitta Mitta Cemetery and
> * Wantabadgery Cemery.
> In Temora:
> * Temora Cemetery,
> * Ariah Park Cemetery,
> * Springdale Cemetery, and
> * Trungley Hall Cemetery.
> All the 4 above are administered by the Shire of Temora but there is a
> "Friends of Temora Cemeteries Group" heavily involved with the cemeteries.
> I did not get to all of them but I visited the 3 Junee Cemeteries, the
> Temora Cemetery and the Bethungra Cemetery and I will write each of these
> up in the near future for the List. I also took some photos of some of
> them. There might be some List members interested in the cemeteries.
> What was very apparent was just how little rain there has been in the
> area. We saw no dams with any water in them and very brown, parched land.
> was told by a local farmer that the last rain in the area was in January.
> Cheers,
> David
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