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>serving in the Boer War
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>From the National Australian Archives, I have a note that
>Malachy Norton Ralston joined up on 24 April 1902 and, if I understand
>correctly, was in the 110th Regiment. Can anybody tell me more about the
>Australian involvement in general and, perhaps, Malachy's in particular?

>Leicester, UK


>From the above clues I suspect that you could be referring to 110 Pte.
RALSTON, M of 'A' Squadron No. 4 Troop (Sale) in the 6th Battalion
Australian Commonwealth Horse (a post-Federation Commonwealth of Australia
Boer War unit raised in Victoria).

If so then that is all that PL Murray (the editor of the Official Records
of the Australian Contingents to the War in South Africa) says about him

'A' Squadron No.4 Troop (Sale) was raised from 'C' Coy. Vic. Mounted
Rifles, 'I' Coy. Rangers and Military District Sale. Murray says that many
of those who joined had served in previous [Australian] contingents or in
local South African regiments. While RALSTON, M is not listed in any other
Australian unit (see my Oz-Boer Database at he could still be amongst the reported
8,000 names of Australians who served with the irregulars and whose
service with those units is not yet included in the database.

The contingent with 6ACH(Vic) left for South Africa on 16 and 19 May 1902
aboard the 'Menaleus' and 'Manchester Merchant' arriving at Durban, Natal
on 13 June 1902 - after hostilities had ceased. They got as far inland as
Newcastle, Natal before being ordered back to Australia on 18 June 1902.

6ACH(Vic) left Durban aboard the 'Drayton Grange' on 10 July 1902, a dozen
officers having left on HMT 'Brittanic' on 5 July 1902. The unit arrived
back in Melbourne, Vic. on 7 August 1902 and was disbanded the following

Please let me know if 110 Pte. RALSTON, M of 6ACH(Vic.) is your Malachy
Norton RALSTON so that I can confirm those names in the database. Any
other information you can provide on him would also be appreciated.

Those Australians who volunteered to fight in South Africa but arrived
after it was all over also deserve due recognition.

Colin Roe

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